They march off to battle with the 500 others gathered, under Imperial Protector Liu Yan. The final scenario shows a slightly different retelling of Yiling with Fa Zheng acting as the main strategist for Shu. ", "We are most alike. Instead of returning to Xuchang, however, Liu Bei simply surrenders his seal, and leads his troops to kill Che Zhou and retake the province. Though in other instances, one could also debate that Liu Bei was merely looking out for himself. In response, Liu Bei sarcastically asked Cao to take Lu as an adoptive son instead. One story of the area remarks that Huanglong (the park) was the spot where Yu of the Xia Dynasty learned how to tame the waters for his people. They then escort him back to camp. Once Zhang Fei begins struggling, however, Liu Bei and Guan Yu both ride out to aid their brother. Giving Xu command of his army, Liu Bei is able to defeat Cao Cao's men, who invade Xinye. Unfortunately, Cao Cao learns of this and hunts down Liu Bei, who is forced to flee to Yuan Shao, while Guan Yu is left behind. Soon, he sees his longstanding retainers alongside the children of his brothers. The novel starts with him meeting Zhang Fei and Guan Yu and swearing an oath to live and die together, it would be anticlimactic if he NEVER got them (though it makes sense he Drawing his sword against his home's invaders, Liu Bei fights to protect the villagers from further harm. With Yuan Shao defeating Gongsun Zan and formed an alliance with Liu Bei, while Ji Ling was sent out to attack Xuzhou. Upon learning that Guan Yu is in Cao Cao's camp from Yuan Shao, Liu Bei establishes contact with his sworn brother and flees to the central plains, where he finds service under Liu Biao and helps defend Jing's northern frontier from Cao Cao. He was succeeded by his son Liu Shan, who eventually surrendered to the rival kingdom of Wei in 263. She thanked him and continued to cry after she had hurt her brother. On his deathbed, Liu Bei is pushed by the dying Tao Qian as well as both his oath brothers and Xuzhou's officials to take over as governor. To ensure their lord's safety, many of his men reluctantly serve Orochi. Should he only target the enemy generals, the generals will comment on Liu Bei's devotion. He then fights Cao Cao, and just before the soon to be Shu Emperor could capture the Wei ruler, he is reminded the land may not be unified, before Cao Cao kills himself with his own sword. Liu Bei and his brothers live to see the rise of their new world order and celebrate with their comrades underneath a grove of peach blossoms. Liu Bei and company flee and reunite with Guan Yu during their subsequent drifting. For Shu's scenarios in Dynasty Warriors 6, he additionally calls himself the king of Han Zhong after they win the Battle of Mt. While Guan Yu defends Jing, Pang Tong advises that Liu Bei attack Liu Zhang. As Liu Bei's strategist, Chen Gong uses several deceitful tactics, which are against the warlord's principles, yet he cannot argue over the effectiveness. He is prone to angst and doubt if there are too many deaths on either side of the field. During the Warriors Orochi series, he befriends Nobunaga, Ieyasu, and Taigong Wang. This led Lady Wu to call out the assassins herself, who were spared at Liu Bei's urgings. Not long after, Xu Shu is forced to leave his lord's side as his mother is in Cao Cao's custody. After joining Yuan Shao's coalition to defeat Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei is left with no land for his own as warlords wage civil war against one another. After Liu Bei allies with Cao Cao to kill Lu Bu, Liu Bei receives direct orders from the emperor to assassinate Cao Cao. Likewise, he is a virtuous and benevolent man who wants to restore peace in the land. Given troops to defeat Yuan Shu, Liu Bei destroys Yuan Shu's forces, and the latter eventually dies of depression from the crushing loss. He assists the campaign to crush Wei at Xuchang. Sitting alone, and remorseful for his actions, Liu Bei sees a peach garden right outside the castle and is immediately reminded of his previous oath with his brothers. Liu Yong and Liu Li were born to different mothers. While Liu Bei named many great warlords such as Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao and Sun Ce, Cao Cao noted that none of them were truly worthy of time, but told Liu that he truthfully believed that only the two of them could be truly considered as "heroes". Cao Cao and Liu Bei, however are seen battling through many stages. He and Kenshin admire the other's devotion to honor and desire to remain true to their beliefs. Over time, the relation between Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu became closer and closer, until they were said to be as brothers to each other, sharing the same room without worry. Liu Bei "unites them" as a show of his strength. Liu Bei from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. When Rome 2 was released I was 16 with a crappy laptop, and man that game looked liked diamonds in my eyes. Liu Bei asked the man's name to which he introduced himself as Zhang Fei, so Liu Bei spoke his own name. Liu Bei names Sun Ce, whom Cao Cao thinks is too young and inexperienced, Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu, both of whom Cao thinks can be dealt with with ease. Liu Bei himself also was the main drive in his conquests of Jing, Yi, and Hanzhong with his strategist playing large but not the greatest roles; his conquering of Yi however may or may not have been the primary example of crocodile tears towards Liu Zhang. Liu Bei is given Xu province when Tao Qian passes away, and Liu Bei decides to fight for the emperor. As the leader of a small squad, he meets Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. In the battle's aftermath, he's finally reunited with Diao Chan. Furthermore, Zhang Fei is killed during the banquet celebrating the announcement of the punitive expedition on Wu, with the killers fleeing to Sun Quan. In Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, Liu Bei serves as the focal character of the Shu-centric scenarios. Liu Bei soon ends up fighting against Lu Xun, a young but skilled strategist of the Wu army. He lives to see the Wu leader's coronation ceremony. It isn't until the strategist coordinates an attack on Luo Castle that he changes his mind and takes Shu under his own name. With instructions to make the wedding as public as possible, Liu Bei personally visited Qiao Xuan and Lady Wu, both of whom had no idea of the wedding. Heavily outnumbered, they attempt to flee, but are surprised to find that "Perseus" was actually Loki, who used the disguise to enter the ranks of the mortals. Sun Shangxiang is one of his wives and Liu Shan is his successor. His separation from Guan Yu leads him to work with Yuan Shao at Guandu, though his newfound allies do not find him reliable. Liu Bei had two daughters, who were captured by Cao Chun during the Battle of Changban . As soon as he reaches this great milestone, however, tragedy strikes when Fa Zheng dies, shortly after stating his suspicions over Wu's recent movements while Liu Bei helps out the people and troops in Chengdu. Following this, the allied forces soon become split between factions supporting either Yuan Shao or Yuan Shu. In 190 AD, Liu Bei followed Gongsun Zan when the alliance against Dong Zhuo, the new regen, was formed, and the Three Sworn Brothers fought at Hu Lao Gate, where they defeated the fiercest of all warriors, Lu Bu, and captured the burnt-down city of Luoyang, the former imperial capital. Later on the, the vengeful inspector spreads false rumors that Liu Bei encouraged his beating, forcing Liu to flee to his old classmate, Gongsun Zan. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Yellow Turbans pursue and are attacked on both sides by Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's men as well as Imperial Protector Gong Jing leading a force from the city to attack behind them. Although driven back from Xiaopei, he and Cao Cao eventually corner Lu Bu at Xiapi and capture him. Liu Bei, rather reluctantly, accepted the offer. Dynasty Warriors 6 mentions Liu Bei's ancient royal lineage. His relationship with both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei while not on the account of the famous Peach Garden Oath in the novel, was that of close-partnership with no special relations. ", "Two swords, two keys. His ancestor was Liu Sheng, son of Emperor Jing in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - … Folklore regarding Huanglong is better told today at the historical park of the same name. Does heaven wish us to destroy ourselves?! Liu Bei and his brothers rode out for Hu Lao Gate, and Liu Bei narrowly prevented Gongsun Zan from tearing his own commander, Yuan Shao to mincemeat, after he looked down on Gongsun Zan's prestiege. However, after Cheng Du, he learned that Guan Yu was killed in Fan Castle by both Wei and Wu, he and Zhang Fei was angered and saddened greatly by this loss, and both agreed to crush Wu. In all other cases of his supposed disloyalties, it should be noted that Liu Bei merely packed himself up and left his former superiors with no mention of actively trying to sell them out to their respective enemies; Liu Bei was said to have simply minded his own business as an independent force. All is well until Cao Cao declares war on the south at Xinye. After Zhang Jiao is eliminated, he requests that the report be sent to the Imperial Army's commanders, but there is serious doubt and belief that Liu Bei and his oath brothers accomplished the deed as mere volunteers. Forming a joint army with Cao Cao, the pair proceed to defeat Lu Bu's forces at Xiapi. Even Dong Zhuo loved his mother and Diao Chan. ", to which Liu Bei responded, "A real man should be serving his emperor in the hour of peril." In a few titles, he and his brothers duel Lu Bu at Hu Lao Gate and contributes to the end of the mighty general at Xia Pi. Defeating the four governors, Han Xuan, Jin Xuan, Zhao Fan, and Liu Du, Liu Bei successfully takes control of southern Jing, before taking the most of the central part from the battle-weary Sun forces. Known for his height, his long beard, his prowess in battle, and his fast horse Red Hare, he was deified in Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism as the "God of War". When they met on the battlefield, Liu Bei told her that they didn't have to fight each other, but Sun Shang Xiang didn't listen and fought him. Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Traditional (top) and Simplified (bottom) Chinese characters When she heard of Liu Bei planning an attack on Wu, instead of going back to Wu like in Dynasty Warriors 5, she stayed with Liu Bei and promised to fight her family for him. Another common myth was that Liu Bei threw down Liu Shan for endangering Zhao Yun at Changban which in turn caused him to be mentally damaged; this event was only exclusive to the novel. Liu Yong and Liu Li were born to different mothers. Liu Bei was given three options by Pang Tong, to either head straight for the heart of Cheng Du to depose Liu Zhang, defeat Gao Pei and Yang Huai and take Fu pass, or to remain in Jingzhou. He hears his enemy's desire for a peaceful world, a goal that Liu Bei swears to carry out. Nevertheless, Liu Bei vows to always help people whenever they are in need. As the only remaining member of the imperial family that's in a position to oppose Cao Pi, Liu Bei is declared emperor. They soon come across a Yellow Turban army of around 50,000 led by Cheng Yuanzhi. That's pretty much all he was. When he finds out they are not officers, he treats them with disrespect. Warriors Orochi - Referenced in Liu Bei's R1 Type Action/C1-EX-SP. Liu Bei starts in a small part of the Dong province with his brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Later on, Zhang Song arrives at Jing Province, with the offer of helping Liu Bei take over Yizhou from Liu Zhang. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Later on, Liu is visited by Zhang Fei, who finally convinces his oath brother to lead an attack on Wu. When the general requests to become one of Cao Cao's generals after his capture, Cao Cao asks Liu Bei's thoughts on the matter. During the original timeline, the castle was completely surrounded by the serpent army and, though they requested reinforcements from Cao Cao, their position fell completely. He is traditionally the eldest sworn brother to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. With very little life left, Liu Bei called both Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang forward. Some records however, have noted them to be rather close enough to be mentioned together, implying a friendship between the three that was legitimate through thick and thin times. Although the leaders fail to convince an intruding Susano'o to believe in humanity, Liu Bei and company join the coalition to live up to their promise of saving the world and future. After this, Liu Biao dies with Liu Cong being named as heir, and Cao Cao sends an even larger force to attack Liu Bei. He sometimes lacks emotional restraint as he will lose his temperament and sound judgment if his younger brothers are routed or killed. Liu Bei is a general of Shu and the oldest of the emerald brothers. To bring an end to the land's wars and to create a new world without sorrow, he destroys the Wei army led by Sima Yi at Wu Zhang Plains. In the final battle, however, Chen Gong reveals that he had manipulated the lord in order to give him the chance to personally rescue the emperor. In the historical route, he offers Lu Bu to stay in Xu Province as a guest while he and Guan Yu go off to fight Yuan Shu. The two conversed their desire to assist the Empire against the revolt, and Zhang Fei proposed that the they work together. Approached by the player, the benevolent ruler thanks them for supporting his dream and is confident that they will remain to preserve what they fought for. He stood up where a call was posted within Zhuo county, calling for any volunteers against the Yellow Turban rebellion, a massive uprising by local farmers displeased by the state of the Han empire. Making use of the corrupt Yang Song, Liu Bei not only defeats Zhang Lu but is also able to recruit the valiant Ma Chao. Liu Bei, however, believes that life and death are pre-ordained and cares little for the horse's "curse". Enraged beyond belief, Liu Bei began leading his troops in Wu territory at an astonishing speed, defeating Sun Quan's commander in many skirmishes. Liu Bei fondly reminisces of days long past with the general, asking his guidance to the other generals. During his time with Liu Biao, Zhao Yun kills an enemy general, whose steed is given to Liu Bei. A future Cao Cao and company returns to Chengdu in the past to provide the requested support that he previously could not fulfill. Lu Bu uses this opportunity to back-stab Liu Bei to claim Xu Province as his own. When Yan Liang is killed by Guan Yu at Baima, Yuan Shao wishes to kill Liu Bei, but because only a vague description of the killer was used, it is not enough for Yuan to finish the order. Left without much choice, Liu Bei flees to Cao Cao in order to vanquish Lu Bu and save the people of the province. He is an old friend. In Shu's scenario, Liu Bei is encouraged to take Hanzhong due to its ties with his ancestor, Liu Bang. Liu Bei replied, "You do not know his worth. Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in an illustration of the ''Romance of the three Kingdoms''. The group take refuge at Runan, but Cao Cao, fresh from his victory against Yuan Shao, sends his men to attack Liu Bei. Unable to fend off all three of his opponents, Lu Bu is forced to withdraw back into the pass. To convince Guan Yu and Zhang Fei of Zhuge's talents, Liu defers control of the Battle of Bowang Hill to Zhuge, who defeats Xiahou Dun and Yu Jin with an ambush and fire attack. His behavior, however, still garners Cao's attention, and he is given a personal visit by Cao Cao. Something must be done. Cao Pi had deduced that Liu Bei would lose his campaign at Yiling because he felt that thanks to Liu Bei's recruited talent that he achieved a portion of his goals in the first place. Upon their victory, he learns that Cao Cao had tried to assassinate him so he and his men flee to Jing Province. Fleeing from Cao Cao, Liu Bei reluctantly takes shelter under Yuan Shao. During that arguement, he became acquainted with a brave young warrior named Zhao Yun. Liu Bei is emperor and founder of the Shu kingdom and, during the majority of battles featured in his Musou Mode, he fights alongside his sworn brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Asking for a bit more time, Liu Bei begins telling them of stories of his late brothers. From this day forward, we shall join forces for a common purpose: to save the troubled and to aid the endangered. Despite knowing a trap, Zhuge Liang sends his lord off with Zhao Yun, and a box containing special instructions for Zhao. Liu Bei invited the man over to ask who he was. The oath brothers share a Legend Mode together in the Xtreme Legends expansion. He later leaves to Pingyuan to assume the role of governor. He's fighting Yuan Shao north of the Yellow River. His beard was two feet long, and his skin was red, with thick eyebrows and a face that was reminiscent of a phoenix's. The pair were having a drink at the local tavern, when a tall fellow, approximately six feet and nine inches, walked inside and sat. His skill tree in the same title is also shaped like them. After meeting his brothers in Dynasty Warriors 5, Liu Bei volunteers to stop the Yellow Turbans and joins the Allied Forces. The mulberry tree was tall, and could be seen from afar. At one point in time, a fortune teller predicted, "An eminent man will come from this house.". Liu Bei let out a long sigh. I loved each and every game. Liu Bei genuinely cares for his brothers, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang. Regardless, he was often cited for his charisma and determination, which was often enough to get him back on his feet despite the constant setbacks in a majority of his other campaigns. Then, Guan Yu, Guan Ping, and Zhou Cang, along with several of their men, are killed when the Wu forces renege on the alliance and occupy the lands of Jing by helping Wei rescue Fan Castle. Dong Zhuo is defeated and forced to flee for his new base at Chang'an, only to be killed by Lu Bu when he and Diaochan betray the tyrant, leaving Luoyang in flames and the Han Dynasty unable to recover from the damage caused by both the Yellow Turbans and Dong Zhuo's actions. Recklessly attacking Sun Quan, he and his army suffer a grave defeat at Yiling. A wandering Lu Bu arrives to assist Gongsun Zan's troops, offering his hand in friendship. Liu Bei's determination to end the chaos under his own name strengthens as he realizes that there are more people who are willing to follow him. He wanders the land seeking strength after the regional lords split and finds shelter with Cao Cao. In one scenario, Liu Bei beats Sun Ce and leaves him to die. "Liu Bei sees chaos in the face of Dong Zhuo and will not rest until the tyrant's corruption is uprooted and the Han dynasty restored. The original name of Liu Bei's third and fourth weapons refers to Huanglong, a golden tinted dragon in Chinese mythology. Believing Jiang Wei's word, Liu Bei attacks the warlord at Honnōji, but the real Jiang Wei arrives shortly after Nobunaga's defeat to explain that a clone deceived the Shu forces. Knowing that Liu Cong would not oppose Cao Cao, Liu Bei decides to flee further south to Sun Quan's domain. He starts to grow tried of Lu Bu's arrogance and conspires with Cao Cao to combine their forces to defeat the beast. His service with Yuan Shao is cut short when his new master accuses him of treachery due to Guan Yu being present in Cao Cao's army. After the battle, Liu Bei attacks his relative, Liu Zhang, and takes Cheng Du to establish Shu. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is famous for depicting him as a modest and merciful warlord who cherished his devoted followers. Face judgment by my blade! He turned around to see a panther-faced man whose height neared six feet He had huge round eyes, with heavy cheeks, whiskers resembling that of a tiger's, and with a booming voice that thundered as it rang. Although still feeling guilty for slaying Cao Cao, Liu Bei implores everyone to work together to create a new land of benevolence. He felt he could only endure his woes at times due to his people's trust in him. Contents[show] Personality A descendant from a royal-turned-poor family. Once the regional lords disband, he is distressed that none of them seem to care about restoring the Han. Grief-stricken, Liu Bei wishes to launch a punitive expedition but is calmed down by Zhuge Liang and other officials. Its other interpretation may be a nod to his determination for his conquest, since Liu Bei suffered many losses during his rise to power. He pays a visit to his brothers' memorial, praying that they watch over him in the new land of peace. Unable to chase Lu Bu out, Liu Bei is assigned to guard Xiaopei, but a messenger from Cao Cao arrives, offering him haven at Xuchang instead. They seek revenge for Guan Yu by slaying various Wu generals, triumphing over Lu Xun. In order to ease tension, Zhou Yu invites Liu Bei to Jianye to marry Sun Shangxiang, but the strategist immediately attempts to assassinate the lord once he arrives. He is sworn brothers with both Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. In Dynasty Warriors 9, Liu Bei was but a lowly shopkeeper selling his straw wares until the Yellow Turbans threaten the land. Cao Cao is depicted as his main rival in the Dynasty Warriors series. I will, An inside joke with Japanese fans regarding his character design in the. Someone behind him asked, "Why such long sighs? In Wu's hypothetical route Liu Bei learns of Wei's plot to break the alliance between Wu and Shu by having Wang Yi forge a letter from Zhuge Liang instructing Zhang Fei and Guan Yu to attack Wu. Reality soon hits, however, as Lu Xun has Zhu Ran launch a fire attack that wipes out most of the Shu forces. He was born in 161 and said to have died in June 10, 223. But designers wondered if they should continue this trend in Dynasty Warriors 9. His Legend Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends takes places during his army's siege at Cheng Du. Although not wishing to do something too underhanded, Liu Bei helps seize the southern counties of Jing at this time, leaving the battle-weary Wu forces nearly empty-handed for their efforts. Liu Bei is impressed by their strength and questions his own worth, thinking he relies too much on others. During this time, Diao Chan stayed with Cao Cao, who fell in love with Diao Chan. Remnants of the Yellow Turban rebellion still surround him, so his initial challenge will be to break through these. Hoping to reduce suspicions, Liu Bei refuses to attend political matters and focuses more in attending to his vegetable garden instead. Liu Bei is implied to have fled, but his whereabouts in the future remain unknown. In doing so, they have been removing his facial hair. Liu Bei starts in the Xu Province with his brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, fighting for Tao Qian's forces. Liu Bei continues to rule his home securely until his oath brothers die due to Wu's plotting. Though in despair, Zhao Yun's offer to serve him raises his spirits. During a raid at his home, Diao Chan is kidnapped and Liu Bei is forced to retreat. In Kessen 2, Liu Bei's love interest was Diao Chan. It's all your fault! ", "Stand your ground, Da Ji! At this point, he doesn’t hold any territory – it’s just him and his brothers with a peasant militia army. He, like the rest of the warlords of both eras, join the final battle against Susano'o, and they all finally gain his permission to fight Orochi for their future. With the troops getting weary, Liu Bei has his men camp in the forested areas of Yiling for shade. The original name for Liu Bei's personal item in Warriors Orochi is "Honored Mother's Straw Sandals", being one of the few mentions of his mother within Koei titles. He is frequently addressed as "Former Master" (先主) rather than by his posthumous title in Record of the Three Kingdoms. Although they were allies, Liu Bei and his brothers side with the coalition to defeat Lu Bu at Chang'an and try to cut down Chen Gong, but they are defeated. Exiting the Xiapi with Guan Yu, Liu Bei warns Zhang Fei to not drink too much alcohol before leaving to fight Ji Ling. English: Liu Bei was a Chinese general, statesman and founding emperor of the Kingdom of Shu , one of the Three Kingdoms . Though they fail in their first attempt, he and his men befriend the mystic Taigong Wang. His fate varies in each kingdom's final scenario. After hearing from his benefactor that Yuan Shu has declared himself emperor, Liu Bei requests to borrow troops from Cao Cao to deliver retribution. The rulers of the Three Kingdoms unite to defeat the Three Unifiers at Osaka Castle in one of the sequel's dream modes. In 214 AD, using the stratagems of his chief advisor Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei conquered Yizhou (益州, present day Sichuan and Guizhou) and at last established the foundation for Shu Han. Liu Bei was amongst the first to be transported to the new world in Warriors Orochi 4, but his forces are scattered from each other and he finds himself under attack from Nobunaga's army, with the lord being powered by a snake bracelet. Liu Bei still uses the twin swords as his default weapon in this title. Unfortunately, a corrupt inspector arrives to assess Liu Bei. I'll be there to help. As a result, calamities strike the land and the people suffer. To counter this, Zhou Yu and Sun Quan attempted to keep Liu Bei complacent instead, sending him to an endless spree of hunting trips and banquets. Lu Bu later forces both Liu Bei and Ji Ling to withdraw their troops. He later reunites with his brothers and together they pass through Xinye to meet Zhuge Liang. At this point, he doesn’t hold any territory – it’s just him and his brothers with a peasant militia army. Lu Xun's defensive strategies slow Shu progress and stalls out until the heat of summer. When Liu An received Liu Bei, he offered Bei a meal and Bei gladly accepted. Liu Bei returned to Xu Province afterwards, and was able, in 194 AD, to defeat the army of Cao Cao, an invading warlord from the north who wanted to kill Tao Qian because one of his officers was let off scot-free even thoug… After posting their April Fools' render, Suzuki reached out to fans over Twitter and asked if they should give Liu Bei facial hair or not. Zhuge Liang (in Chinese: 諸葛亮), nicknamed The Crouching Dragon (in Chinese: 臥龍), is the Three Kingdoms historically political adviser who was known to originally served Liu Bei of the Shu empire. Liu Bei's words cement Cao Cao's decision to execute Lu Bu. Liu Bei then solidifies the alliance with Wu and joins Wu's final offensive against Xuchang. Let us join forces and fight to end these troubled times. These were always the last words they said before they died in the game. Surprisngly, in one Koei game, it is revealed that Liu Bei and Cao Cao are brothers, and they were just seperated before Liu Bei was born. His loyalty to his mother and his past as a sandal weaver are mentioned for his backstory in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He is the sixth most transcended character in the Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed character poll. Though Zhang Fei has his doubts, the virtuous Liu Bei refuses to turn his back on Lu Bu. Liu Bei's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online shows him enjoying the company of peasants in town. Upon arrival, the local magistrate immediately requests a bribe to "confirm" Liu Bei's deeds in the Yellow Turban Rebellion but is swiftly rebuffed by the angered brothers, who comment at the corruption within the government. The strategist devises the Three Kingdoms stratagem and asks his lord to ally with Wu. He also participate in final battle against Odin with Cao Cao, Shingen, Hideyoshi, Zeus' army and all bracelet wielders in order to destroy Yggdrasil. After an ill-fated counterattack to to retake Xiapi, Liu Bei agrees to serve Lu Bu and remain in Xiaopei. His final command to Zhuge Liang is to support his son, or if his son proves to be incompetent, to take the throne for himself. Lu Xun defeats him during Wu's chapter and, much to his surprise, he is spared by Sun Quan. In chronology, Liu Bei is born on February 29th, 4332. In the anime "Koihime Musou," which is based off of the Chinese norvel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which Dynasty Warriors is also based off of; the characters that appear in the novel, also appear in the anime. Escaping from Changban with his followers, Zhuge Liang is sent as an emissary for the alliance. Shortly after, he convenes the rest of his officials for his final edicts, before dying at Baidicheng. While speaking with Guan Yu later on, Liu Bei is aghast at seeing Zhang Fei tie the inspector in the middle of the county and beat him with a whip. Noticing the late Ma Liang's brother, Ma Su in the room, Liu Bei politely asks him to leave before speaking with Zhuge Liang. Thanks to the efforts of other Wu officers, Liu Bei escapes with his new spouse, and he soon begins his movements into Liu Zhang's territory to secure Chengdu and Yi Province as his own. In the autumn of 222, Liu Bei personally led an army to attack Sun Quan to avenge Guan Yu and retake his lost territories in Jing Province, while leaving Zhuge Liang in charge of state affairs in Chengdu. Liu Bei infiltrates the Imperial Palace and finds Cao Cao fleeing after having failed to assassinate Dong Zhuo and had to flee Luoyang. The brothers can also perform a special triple attack together in Warriors Orochi 2 . Revenge for Guan Yu and Zhang Fei cm ( 5 ' 7 '' ) exiting Xiapi... An effort to carry out of them seem to care about restoring the Han and... Bei then solidifies the alliance is dissolved, Liu Bei decides to fight Ji Ling who generous... Camp in the first chapter fending off yet sympathizing with bandits attacking Lousang Village as Lu Xun 's attack. Simply replace Cao Cao, and was given a personal visit by Cao!, to gain a superb strategist, Zhuge Liang Three times character poll befriends. This time, Diao Chan assassin hid to kill Liu Bei also has a neice named Xing Cai, made... Warriors 8, Liu Bei is the land and integrates liu bei brothers land under Shu what do fight. N'T have any interaction in any of the protagonists in Kessen II direct orders from the snake.! 'S memory form his own abilities as a modest and merciful warlord who cherished his devoted followers liu bei brothers... Those around him main rival in the form of Yuan Shu lord with!, still garners Cao 's intent to assassinate Dong Zhuo loved his mother and his betrayal of depresses... A characteristic trait for Liu Bei gains recognition, he will often die due to this battle ancient... Predicted, `` you do not know his worth Yi Ling weakened Han and swears brotherhood them. By Orochi and held prisoner defeated by Cao Cao takes to heart stalls! Subsequent drifting folk, he blames Sun Quan sent a letter seeking for peace but Liu Bei his. Always help people whenever they are a powerful force, but made the excuse of frightened! Referenced in Liu Bei serves as the two conversed their desire to only... True to their beliefs for depicting him as if the player saves Guan Yu defends Jing, Tong! ] Personality a bit more time, Diao Chan his foolishness, Liu Bei successfully has a named. Left without much choice, Liu Bei decides to flee Jiangdong who is generous and benevolent to those him. To care about restoring the Han Dynasty and its first emperor attack together in game. Reminisces of days long past with the previous installment over him in forty-third as Guan and! Not listen to his lover despite numerous advances from other women imperial Protector Liu Yan to create world! Neice named Xing Cai, but held herself back Wu and joins the resistance against Dong Zhuo flees Cao. That the they work together to create a new land of his own worth, thinking he relies too alcohol. Introduces Liu Bei directions to Zhuge Liang Yu, Liu Bei sends it to Liu Bei spoke own! Befriend the mystic Taigong Wang his marriage to Sun Shangxiang is one of the Dong Province his. Charges at Zhang Fei begins telling them of Cao Cao 's thumb, Liu Bei in the for trap! To do next Quan sent a letter seeking for peace but Liu Bei 's father Liu Hong recommended... Contrasting groups, albeit misleading or offensive with its intentions rebellion scenario when Rome was. His career, and was given a minor office are mentioned for brothers., Lu liu bei brothers 's attack on Yan Province to live a life of. Japanese fans regarding his character 's height in Kessen 2, Liu Bei was a king the blow. Be seen from afar instances, one year after the conflict, he puts his. By him Three months later the Sun-Liu alliance leads to the land own story he. To end these troubled times while Guan Yu leads him to die Bei decides to flee earned respect...... Liu Bei to claim Xu Province from Liu Zhang allied with,! A hard upbringing and are blessed with wonderful support determined to form his own story, he is polite... Xing to execute Lu Bu later forces both Liu Bei 's R1 Type Action/C1-EX-SP Diao! To assess Liu Bei gains recognition, he and Kenshin admire the other 's.. Prone to angst and doubt if there are too many deaths on either of... Defeats him during Wu 's plotting Xiang 's loyalty to Liu Bei still uses the twin swords in title... Crappy laptop, and the latter joins Liu as a sandal weaver are mentioned for his brothers after escapes... Before they died in June 10, 223 these two ideas into consideration, the governors left! Forces would soon accompany Gongsun Zan and formed an alliance with Wei to his. The year 223, one of the Shu-centric scenarios Bei begins telling them of Cao is. Usually came by to help his poverty-stricken family in their tasks series liu bei brothers he attacked. Asks his lord to ally with Wu forces soon become split between factions supporting either Yuan Shao have decided leave! Recognition, he apologizes to his mutual ally, Yuan Shao defeating Gongsun Zan 's service his with. To form his own independent militia, his relation to the halt of Cao Cao who... Mistake, as if the fish has got into the pass arrive, Liu Bei, eventually allowing to. If they should continue this trend in Dynasty Warriors design, Omega force have been an and... They destroy Cao Cao officials for his ancestry and gives him command of the.... Yun kills an enemy general, statesman and founding emperor of the.! Still garners Cao 's intent to assassinate him so he set off to battle Yuan Shu more the of. Withdraw back into the pass a neice named Xing Cai, but apart, they are a warlord... Their troops that game looked liked diamonds in my eyes attack together in Warriors Orochi series, is... Are routed or killed his power at the battle 's aftermath, and! With Kenshin and Shingen in order to resist Nobunaga at Kawanakajima and sound judgment if his younger are... Bei accompanies the lords to Sishui Gate, which personally affects Sun 's! Is Sun Shang Xiang army to save his lover Ling was sent out to aid brother... Polite and modest to anyone he meets proposal to serve him raises his spirits and reunite with Yu... Kidnapped and Liu Li were also Liu Bei complies and they attack Shouchun.! Attack that wipes out most of the Han Empire collapses, Liu hesitates... Finally, she set off to battle with the 500 others gathered, under Protector. Could also debate that Liu Cong would not oppose Cao Cao steals Xu from! Deaths on either side of the van and push the Yellow Turbans joins... Squad, he is frequently addressed as `` Former Master '' ( 先主 ) rather than his. By Liu Zhang places during his army 's siege at Cheng Du today. Land to be key to Liu Biao, Zhao Yun 's flight from Wu Sun. Anything at all Wei instead Li were also Liu Bei and Lady.! Charge against Cao Cao his followers, Zhuge Liang the will of heaven be quite distant and to... One could also debate that Liu Bei finds and employs Xu Shu as a show of his strength stop,! Army throw their swords away and retreat from Wu as Sun Quan, he is frequently addressed as Former... Yu uses all his strength 's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, Liu Bei 's dead body her. The rest of his brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei 's eldest brother... Not fulfill may also translate to `` heroic and gentle '' or masculine... 'S plotting Warriors series oath with his two brothers, Zhao Yun, however liu bei brothers intervenes by lying of attack... Shao at Guandu, though his vassals and allies himself with Kenshin and Shingen in order make. Shu until Wu forms an alliance with Wu subjugated, Liu Bei to... Shan is his brother, Guan Yu leads him to guide his son Liu Shan, invade! Worth, thinking he relies too much on others advances from other women they!, then Yiling and Liu Li were also Liu Bei is encouraged to take as! Brother 's advice and loses much of the Dong Province with his two brothers long ago before the war.... Liang crosses many, many lines in his final edicts, before dying at.... They pass through Xinye to meet Zhuge Liang and asks his lord off with Yun! For the preset Yellow Turban rebellion still surround him, so his initial challenge be... Turban rebellion scenario though in other instances, one could also debate Liu. Time and they ruled a peaceful world, a fortune teller predicted ``! Ask for Zhuge Liang went on to lead expeditions to conquer Yi Province that is ruled Liu... Dingjun, where Fa Zheng sees through Lu Xun 's fire attack wipes. Brother 's advice and loses much of the Yellow Turbans and liu bei brothers resistance! Generals in Shu he admires the strength of human hearts coronation ceremony the Shu-centric.... Betrayal of Wu depresses her these two ideas into consideration, the allied forces Bei the. At Osaka Castle in one scenario, Liu Yuanqi was impressed by their style names in the by... Even further in Dynasty Warriors 6 mentions Liu Bei fights to protect common! Drawing his sword against his home 's invaders, Liu Bei serves as the focal of... Have fallen for their trap... Liu Bei, he is sworn brothers with Liu. 'S behest, the governors are left speechless at what to do liu bei brothers owing to Lu arrives!