All you need is 3 simple ingredients: coconut oil, sugar and vanilla. CLAIM TO FAME: A salty-sweet body scrub that smoothes and softens rough or dry areas FAST FACTS: Crafted with sea salt, vanilla oil, milk extract, and aloe vera juice; nourishes and refreshes skin; gently exfoliates with a non-irritating formula; guaranteed to leave skin softer, smoother, and brighter with regular use PERFECT FOR: A weekly scrub-down to reveal sensually soft and smooth skin Homemade Vanilla Sugar Scrub. If you have back or chest acne, this scrub may help relieve that as well. This Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub recipe is an easy homemade DIY to pamper yourself or give as a lovely gift.A homemade sugar scrub that’s all-natural since it contains essentials oils and smells wonderful!. Activated Charcoal Salt Scrub with Natural Dead Sea Minerals & Coffee Vanilla Extract. Vanilla Rose Salt Scrub from Girl Loves Glam. 1/4 cup Coconut Oil. These are a wonderful blend of soap and salt in convenient single-use cubes. 8. | Aromatherapy | Melt you client’s stress away with one of these Dead Sea Salt and Ayurvedic Oil blends. Mix everything together thoroughly so the dry ingredients are coated with the oils and extract. Soothing Touch Scrubs … Now, as you can see, there are no preservatives in this recipe. 1/2 cup Raw Sugar. Treat a loved one (or yourself) to the warm, cozy scent of Vanilla and the cool, tingling sensation of Peppermint. Soothing Touch Salt Scrub, Vanilla, 10lbs. This nurturing scrub enriched with Dead Sea Salt, Coffee Vanilla Extract and activated charcoal gently exfoliates your skin, helps circulation and help to rejuvenate the skin. Stir the ingredients. Giveaway ends 3/10/17 and winner will be notified vie email. Scoop the scrub into a sealed container. Baby Oil Salt Scrub. DIY homemade sugar and salt scrubs Recipes . You can earn extra entries by pinning the collage image of our projects once a day. Ohh, we do love a good scrub. 6. These 23 Sugar Scrub Recipes are always popular and worth a try! 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract Grapefruit is wonderful for exfoliating and purifying skin and very effective at evening skin tone. And for those days when you’re crying out for a luxurious exfoliating body scrub, we have just the ticket. If stored properly, salt scrubs can last up to six months. You can try it before shaving to get a smooth glide. This DIY salt scrub is only three ingredients and scented pure vanilla extract so it smells warming and cozy. Beauty and the Beast Cookies from A Pumpkin & A Princess. But in order to make sure no water enters the product (and bacteria with it), always take one scoop of scrub from the jar with a clean dry spoon and put it in a separate container that goes with you into the shower. Add the essential oil and vanilla extract. 1/2 cup Sea Salt. We also recommend our DIY Lavender Bath Salts. Rinse with water to reveal your smooth skin. Luxurious Sugar Scrub Recipe. How to Use Epsom Salt Scrub. And Sugar. 1. Sugar, Oil my preference is olive oil it’s kinder to the skin than coconut oil which can be a bit harsh. This means I usually spend a lot of money on bath bombs, bath salts or bath scrubs. Features. It uses finely ground sea salt which helps to both exfoliate but won’t be too rough on your skin. Spend a lil more time on marks, bumps and dry areas. This is fabulous because you only need THREE ingredients. Check Lowest Special Price on Amazon Lavender Vanilla dead sea salt body scrub is a 100% natural product, since it is provided with 100% pure botanical oils such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, rose oil and lemongrass oil. The salt is used as an exfoliant to scrub away the dead skin and leave your skin smooth and silky. From DIY beauty regimens to a beautiful gift idea, it is essential to know how to make a handmade salt scrub. How to Make DIY Vanilla Hand Scrub. Make Your Own Lavender Vanilla Salt Scrub I love taking baths but the best part is making the bath smell amazing and your skin feeling refreshed and new. Working together with local partners and ingredients supplied by mother nature, our globally renowned salt scrubs and premium quality skin care products are crafted with care using our own original recipes. 3 - Reveal. See more ideas about Diy bath products, Homemade bath products, Homemade beauty. My Vanilla Grapefruit Himalayan Salt Scrub helps eliminate toxins with the cleansing effects of grapefruit & the beneficial minerals from Himalayan Salt. You can add the roses for a pop of color and extra scent too. out of stock . The 11 Best Salt Scrub Recipes. This recipe is a great scrub for your legs, arms, elbows & knees. baking soda; 10-15 drops essential oils INSTRUCTIONS May 19, 2020 - Salt scrubs for the bath/bathing. That’s why I love this homemade sweet vanilla sugar scrub recipe. Your client will enjoy a balancing aromatherapy treatment with the captivating, warm and sensuous fragrance of vanilla.````Bring the spa home and melt away stress and rejuvenate the skin with Soothing Touch nourishing Salt Scrubs. Wet your skin and massage small handfuls of salt scrub in a circular motion all over your body. The salt gently exfoliates skin leaving softer skin meanwhile the soap provides a creamy leather and a purifying cleanse. To make the scrub, you’ll need sugar, olive oil, vanilla extract, and salt. Skin … Featuring Young Living’s exclusive Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub and richly hydrating Vanillamint Body Butter, this collection is our secret to glowing skin all winter long. It is made with herbal extracts, essential oils, Vitamin E, mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt, and our Ayurvedic Oil blend. While smoothing and stimulating the skin our body scrub will gently buff away dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and refreshed. More DIY Salt Scrub Options. This scrub will be beneficial to use on both your face & body – though my personal preference is just using it on my face to help prevent & relieve acne (and then using coffee scrub for my body!) w/ Vanilla &. DIY Lip Gloss from My Sister’s Suitcase. No need to work about using fancy sugars or salt The original recipe called for kosher salt, but one day I didn’t feel like hunting it in my cabinet and used regular salt. 4. 2 - Chill. Aug 15, 2019 - Ready to learn how to create your own Homemade Lavender Vanilla Salt Scrub? as of December 23, 2020 11:35 am . Add 7-8 drops of orange essential oil and 1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract. $21.99-Add To Cart 1 Item $21.99-Add To Cart 1 Item (Out of Stock) Product Description. Soothing Touch Vanilla Salt Scrub contains nourishing and elevating power of pure herbal infusions as your client's skin is gently exfoliated. Discover the nourishing power of pure herbal infusions as your client's skin is gently exfoliated with our elevating Vanilla Salt Scrub. 1 - Scrub. I have been kind of obsessed with creating different kinds of body scrubs lately (like this pumpkin spice body scrub. $21.99 You Save: $-21.99 USD (100%) Quantity. Use your fave Thankyou Body Wash to help remove excess oils. Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub. Cinnamon Vanilla Body Scrub: 1 cup Brown Sugar. O Naturals Exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Grapefruit Essential Oil Face Body & Foot Scrub. )It’s fun to experiment with different levels of exfoliation with different sugars or salts, and even more fun to test out different scents and ingredients that have benefits for your skin. 1/2 cup Almond/Avocado Oil. Check it out below. Details; Description Product Info. I discovered it works just as well as kosher. Get the recipe here. On my face. Treat all or part of your body with our natural blend of oils, salts, and extracts to experience first-hand the soothing and age-defying characteristics of the “World’s Finest Salt Scrub”.