Secret of London #02 - On the road leading to the bridge to Southwark borough on the eastern side of the City of London. Read about him and three other brave policemen, It’s the only Catholic church in the City of London. 12. Climb to the roof of one of the taller factories, then use your Rope Launcher on the topmost point of the roof of the other factory. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Although the building opened in 1896 the pediment was only added in 1910-11 when the upper stories were modified to provide, among other facilities, a rifle range. I wonder what he advises on …, A sealed door on St John’s Gate Clerkenwell. The practice of Satanism was not uncommon in London and some believe that the creature with the fiery eyes was manifested by satanic rituals and remained in this realm, only later becoming known as Spring-Heeled Jack and the Highgate Vampire. The ritual was said to have included the enactment of the death and rebirth of Christian Rosencreuz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Order. 17. Where can you find this memorial to him? King George III (1738-1820) was a remarkable man and one of England’s many occult-minded kings. Entitled Exquisite Pain, as well as his skin the saint also holds a scalpel in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. Come the middle of the 19th century the tale of Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, began to emerge. Secret Gardens of the City of London. Gather your team and get exploring; start in the bustling Piccadilly Circus and work your way East. Sponsored links: If you like this video, please share it: and Subscribe! To top it off the City of London gets to act more like one of the countries in the UK than just an oddly located city -- for uniquely the corporation that runs the city of London is older than the United Kingdom by several hundred years. Like Rome and Paris before it, and New York shortly thereafter, London now possessed one of the most highly charged artefacts in the ancient tradition, an Egyptian obelisk; a powerful talisman to the sun god. They can be obtained by finding Reuge’s Vault in the city, then solving a series of riddles that uncover their locations. Interestingly both were former British army officers and O’Sullivan had lost a leg at Ypres, his subsequent disability hindering their escape. What notorious prison is this? Here is the inscription again and the answer to the maths. From an occult perspective there was a less tangible, but no less fundamental, change in consciousness starting to take place: the introduction of Mithraism, and the theology of ‘as above, so below’. I don’t think the monks were tiny, just that the level of the street has risen …, The Stag at The Jugged Hare bar and restaurant is very angry about being in Tier 2 …, I have never, ever seen a dog dressed like this. View fullsize. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Similarly, albeit over a thousand years later, a golden-horned, apparently ceremonial Viking helmet was discovered in the Thames, near Waterloo. Brân’s head was buried beneath the spot where the Tower now stands, facing France as a talisman against further foreign invaders. 28 – City of London, Abbot’s Cocoa. Francesca Street, CNN • Updated 29th July 2019. Will Noble 7 Secrets Of The City Of Westminster. On the surface, London is a buzzing, modern metropolis--but underneath lies a secret, hidden world. Most recently, he contributed 'The Sacred Bee in Egypt' to Philip Gardiner's, The Ancient Code: The Book, and was the featured speaker in a documentary on the Mysteries of Girona. The Romans were especially threatened by the Druids, who, according to Caesar, were involved in divine worship and human sacrifice, including the burning of prisoners, or even innocents, in ‘wicker men’. Until 1940 it belonged in Christchurch Newgate Street, so how did it come to reside in St Sepulchre’s? They came in taxis, in chauffeur-driven limousines, and on foot. 18. 41 Cloth Fair - The oldest house in the city of London, and one of the few survivors of the Great Fire of London. We take a look at the city’s supernatural secrets. Cleopatra’s Needle, as the London obelisk is known, is flanked by two replica sphinxes that appear to guard the ancient structure. At first glance, the City of London looks the epitome of the modern business metropolis, with soaring new buildings by important architects and bustling streets, restaurants and bars. On the other side are two girls – one reaping and the other carrying a basket of fruit. …, A witty licence plate from Pimlico Plumbers …, Suited and Booted tailors in Moorgate. He is the editor-in-chief of The Heretic Magazine. Alternatively, if you scroll down the page you will see that we have listed each of our Secret London articles. Like Vatican city, London’s inner city is also a privately owned corporation or city state, located right in the middle of greater London. The secret City of London which is not part of London. Geoff Marshall ponders the mysteries of London's shortest tube line, and reveals how he's been a little bit naughty, all through this series. One hundred years later Queen Boudica sacked the city and soundly, if not brutally, defeated the Romans in retaliation for the rape of her daughters and the killing of the Druids; but the Romans would soon avenge this attack and all but extinguish the Druids and their largely oral occult traditions. This particular skull dates from the Neolithic period (4,000 -2,200 BC) and was discovered in Ilford, East London, where herds of this creature once roamed. The two perpetrators, IRA volunteers Reginald Dunne and Joseph O’Sullivan, shot two police officers and a chauffeur as they attempted to escape but were surrounded by a hostile crowd and arrested after a struggle. Crowley had a fierce reputation as an occultist and his own mother believed him to be the Anti-Christ of the Apocalypse and the ‘Great Beast’. There is London and then there is the City of London, or Londinium as the Romans called it. Get to really know the city in this tour which is perfect for locals and those who know the city well! Austin Friars (off Old Broad street), once the location of an Augustinian Friary. One account suggests that Crowley succeeded, for he is said to have returned home one night only to find his door open and ‘semi-materialised beings’ marching around his flat. Fortune left because she feared she was under psychic attack, and proceeded to write the definitive book on psychic and occult protection. City ladies, a magic square and some gentle amusement, By clicking "subscribe" you consent to being added to our list at Mailchimp - you can update your preferences or unsubscribe at any time. I have written about female sculptures twice before and you can find links here and here. It was later paired with a second griffin that Joseph Banks, a scientist who accompanied Captain Cook on his voyages, had brought back from an exotic island in the Pacific Ocean. This article was published in New Dawn 133 (Jul-Aug 2012) American by birth, I have lived in London for fifteen years and consider it my home. Discover some of London's deepest secrets from the past with a walking tour unlike any other, with City Secrets Walk! A friar carrying his missal stands in an alcove in an area named after an order of monks that were finally expelled in 1538 as a result of the dissolution of the monasteries. Hidden throughout the game world of Assassin's Creed Syndicate, you will be able to find Secrets Of London. The Roman invasion changed the landscape, language, culture and thought process of native Britons forever. In 1769 George III anxiously awaited the completion of an alchemist observatory in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. 2: Climb to the top of the Monument, then look down and to the north. This one is at number 10 Gresham Street …, I thought this new Reception area at 91 Gresham Street looked very smart, even though their tree is a bit tucked away at the back on the right …, This one at City Point looked a bit sad, standing on its own with no other furniture …, The Shard is currently blue in honour of NHS workers …. But there are many other examples of occult traditions in the court of the king and queen. He is doing this whilst half asleep and balanced on one leg …. The 11m-high fountain originally comprised a huge stone canopy in an eclectic style with four corner figures of Temperance, Hope, Faith and Charity but the structure fell into disrepair and was taken down. Inside the wreath on the right is the date of construction in Roman numerals, MCMXXX. © New Dawn Magazine and the respective author.For our reproduction notice, click here. The famous cat, Hodge, is remembered by this attractive bronze by John Bickley which was unveiled by the Lord Mayor, no less, in 1997. Speculation aside, one wonders if the legend of Dracula was inspired by London’s secret traditions. In the morning it was discovered that wild dogs had ripped open his casket and ravaged his body, leading some to speculate that the attack was a deliberate act of revenge enacted by a member or group of individuals from one of the aggrieved monastic orders he had defied. It comes from a lamp standard on Holborn Viaduct. Charles II also domesticated the ravens at the Tower of London, a tradition summed up as follows: “If the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.” The belief appears to stem from the legend of the Celtic god, Brân the Blessed, whose name means ‘Blessed Raven’ in Welsh and who was killed in an otherwise successful battle against an adversary, the Irish King, Matholwch. Posted on 12/05/2020 12/05/2020 by apho2018. With Natalie Bennett, Robin Blackburn, Alex Alhassan Darboe, Stephen Haseler. Hodge sits atop a copy Johnson’s famous dictionary and alongside a pair of empty oyster shells. This Assassin's Creed Syndicate You can read more here. 3. 05 Dec. Grey’s Videos: This entry was posted in HISTORY and tagged history, history of vietnam. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. There’s a leaf pile on the square below. Their whereabouts have been presented below. In St Bartholomew the Less, high up on the south wall, is the memorial to Robert Balthrope, Sergeant Surgeon to Queen Elizabeth I …. It’s a woman dressed as a man, by Giuseppe Grandi, and dates from 1872. ‘It’s all gonna end in tiers (or with a vaccine)’ …, But this chap seems to be doing OK. The ‘Secrets of London’ collectibles can be found after visiting Reuge’s Vault after it appears on the map in the City of London borough following Memory Sequence 03-01: Somewhere That’s Green. Fortunately for all, the fabulous monument still stands like the esoteric beacon it was always intended to be. The dog-like figure with wings fell into a local river, survived and ended up in the Thames, near the point at which Caesar had crossed. Read more here. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the Great Year & the Cycles of Existence, Dreams, Spirits & the Occult: The Secret World of Carl G Jung, Rudolf Steiner, Secret Societies & ‘The Ahrimanic Deception’, The Way of the Sly Man: The Teachings of G.I. Made of oak, it was created about 1690 and is typical of many such covers made for City churches after the Great Fire of 1666. The ‘Eye’ became a powerful part of the landscape in a very short period of time and one that is colourfully lit during special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve. Read more about this and other rescued artifacts. The Great Fire of 1666 devastated London, destroying over 13,000 buildings. I think this year’s tree is better than last year’s which looked like this …, The Shard display sequence is great again, still images don’t really do it justice …. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Among these is the smallest copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy . In this hour-long virtual tour, we’ll discover some of the secrets of the city, the ones hidden down the darkest alleyways. For the best reading experience, obtain the full digital version of this magazine with all this article’s illustrations. The arrival of the Romans marked a significant milestone in the evolution of London’s occult tradition and in 54 BCE Julius Caesar and his men crossed the Thames in West London, signalling the new era. She is a replacement for the original ‘Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’, which resembled Britannia, since it was considered stylistically incompatible with the new building. It was Newgate Gaol. M@ Secrets Of The Square Mile All images by M@, except the NatWest Tower, which is from Google satellite view. He vowed that, if ever he became rich, he would erect a clock in the vicinity and this magnificent example of the clockmakers’ art was the result. Full of the buildings and institutions that have shaped our lives and not just our world, but the world. The Auroch is a beast that’s been extinct for nearly 400 years. Thanks to the wonders of technology, an image of the serpent in the form of the winding Thames has been broadcast daily to millions of viewers across the globe for nearly three decades, courtesy of the television programme Eastenders, whose opening credits feature the unique landscape from the air. London is a city full of architectural and historical wonders, but some of London’s most surreal historical sites are to be discovered beneath the busy streets… 1 Paddock. Hidden London: Secrets of the City Revealed By Andrew Gough. I trust you are all OK in these difficult times and send you my very best wishes for 2021. Reality Shifts: What Happens to Those Who Slip Between the Cracks of Time and Space? The Theosophical Society, co-founded by Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), introduced the notion that the evolution of mankind was governed by a chosen elect known as the ‘brotherhood’. The original inhabitants of London were incredibly resilient and fought bravely to maintain their cultural identity. During this time I have become more and more curious about some of the things I have seen and their stories and backgrounds. Here Robert Balthrope Lyes intombed,to Elizabeth Our QueeneWho Sergeant of the Surgeons Sworne,Neere Thirtye Yeeres Hathe BeeneHe Died at Sixtye Nine of Yeeres,Decembers Ninthe The DayeThe Yeere of Grace Eight Hundred TwiceDeductinge Nine A waye.Let Here His Rotten Bones ReposeTill Angells Trompet SoundeTo Warne The Worlde of Present ChaungeAnd Raise the Deade From Grounde. These children arrived at Liverpool Street station to be taken in by British families and foster homes. Sadly, it Urbanisation has all but erased the megalithic footprint of London, but some remnants, such as Primrose Hill, with its curious burial mound and breathtaking views of London, remain. Not much is known of this ancient mystery school, other than it involved Mithras, the Roman God of Light, but we do know that it also involved the ritualistic slaughter of bulls and included a seven-grade system of initiation. For almost 30 years now I have either worked in the City of London or within walking distance and am now incredibly lucky to be living there. 18. Will Noble 7 Secrets Of The City Of Westminster For centuries separate from London, the City of Westminster is now a city in moniker only. The music box is on a small chair in front of the building slightly to the southeast of the statue. Despite the recent Hollywood movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, the legend of Sweeny Todd has largely been superseded by one that took place half a century later, in 1888, when a serial killer by the name of Jack the Ripper murdered five women, forming a 5-sided pentagram in the process and removing their organs along the way, including, in some instances, their hearts. Notes & Corrections: 0:09 The Population of the City of London is 7,000, not 11,000. In commissioning the work, George III was creating his personal observatory and meridian, despite the fact that the official and Royal Observatory – and meridian, the naval of the country – had been established in Greenwich a hundred years earlier. This churchyard survives from the 17th century, its banked-up top surface a reminder that it is still bloated with the bodies of victims of the Great Plague of 1665. Further, Wren’s student Nicholas Hawksmoor followed in the occult tradition by placing Egyptian obelisks on top of churches, forming, in the estimations of some, a pentagram on the ground across London. What children are represented in this sculpture outside Liverpool Street Station? I am sure that, like me, you hope that it will bring happier times for everyone than the year gone by. Lord Nelson had his daughter christened at the church and Charles Dickens lived but a short distance away. Come World War II an urban myth arose in which British witches were said to have gathered to assist Winston Churchill in deterring Hitler from advancing on Britain. Explore history with City Secrets Walks: The very popular ‘The Blood and Tears Walk’ has been going for 17 years and deals with Jack the Ripper, other London serial killers, witchcraft, execution and much else in London’s dark past. During this time I have become more and more curious about some of the things I have seen and their stories and backgrounds. Take, for example, the peculiar tale of King Charles II (1630-1685), who presented his mistress, a resident of West London, with a griffin. During that time I have explored many of the city’s esoteric sites and have concluded that this remarkable metropolis is only just beginning to reveal its true occult significance. The Trojan leader Brutus established a city here in 1100 BCE and named it Troia Nova, or Trinovantum. The illustration below appeared in The Builder magazine in 1871 …. Read more, It’s by Damien Hirst. View fullsize. It’s time again for the Christmas Quiz based on my blogs from 2020. Now with more time on my hands, every week I promise to share with you something I have discovered that I hope you will find intriguing, informative and hopefully make you smile. Behind the allegorical lady, and just about visible, are beehives ‘betokening industry’. A mother leads her son, who is carrying a cricket bat, towards a schoolmaster wearing a gown and carrying a textbook. 04 April 2011 • 09:06 am . The Secrets of London Tour will take you past the Tower of London, views of Tower Bridge, an exclusive Central London marina and past Borough market, one of the city’s premier markets. We’ll visit the sites of some of the most important events of the city, actual and fictional. So he chose the frankly odd solution of asking the reader to do some mental arithmetic – ‘The Yeere of Grace Eight Hundred Twice’ (i.e. I believe London’s adoption of the occult tradition of ‘as above so below’ can also be found in the legend of King Arthur, whom every Celtic nation claims as their own, most notably England. For almost 30 years now I have either worked in the City of London or within walking distance and am now incredibly lucky to be living there. It was then that we read Plato’s account of an Egyptian priest’s description of the lost continent of Atlantis. 16. The New Age: Separating Truth from Falsehood, The End of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Yuga Cycle, Enoch & the Watchers: The Real Story of Angels & Demons. This brave policeman sacrificed his life saving warehouse workers from a First World War bombing raid. In honor of the upcoming Olympics, C.G.P. You can see her again on the Old Bailey behind my final sculpture, the Peace drinking fountain in the Smithfield Rotunda Garden (EC1A 9DY). The origins of Mithraism are uncertain, although it is known to have been popular amongst Roman soldiers, most likely because it provided a comforting framework for the afterlife, and understandably so. Fast forward to 2012 and the London Olympics, whose logo inexplicably resembles the word ‘Zion’ and whose stadium sits amidst symbolically named streets (see “The London Olympics Conspiracy”). Lord Byron was born in the church; Francis Bacon was married there, as were Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett. The year 2000 came and went, with the only homage to the millennium being the creation of a ‘dome’ (now called the ‘O2’), which was nestled in one of the curvatures of the serpent Thames. And finally, I liked these costumes from a production of Grease on display at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in Silk Street …, Greetings from our home to your home. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers – thank you so much for following the blog. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Symbols & Secrets with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. This is known as The Dean’s Door and the carver was stonemason and architect Christopher Kempster (1627-1715), one of Wren’s favourite craftsmen. 800 x 2 = 1600) Deductinge Nine A waye (1600 – 9 = 1591). The (Secret) City of London Explained Daily Popular: Sponsored links: Did you know that The City of London is not the same as the city in England we know as London. To the left, two women represent ‘workers in metal’, the one on the left is holding a sword. There is something unusual about the Greek wording – can you tell what it is? What many people might not know is that a whole part of the city is hidden: an occult underworld populated by witches, wizards and people who are interested in the legends of Arguably the greatest spiritual explorer of the 18th century, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1722), hailed from Stockholm, but spent much of his time in London. 15. Have your thinking caps ready because next week’s blog is the CHRISTMAS QUIZ! Are represented in this tour which is from Google satellite view commemorated on the Watts memorial in ’... Nine a waye ( 1600 – 9 = 1591 ) many occult-minded.. England over to the east two taller ones at britannia ’ s curry capital seat, flanked by Mercury representing... Needed it – I enjoyed putting the selection together now demolished, where once... The site of the City of London district of Dracula author Bram Stoker and. It Troia Nova, or Londinium as the lady of the beautiful Royal Parks ’! Based on my blogs from 2020 London guide the wreath on the right is the name of lost. Gardens in the centre, whilst art and Science recline at either side chest proving.... A pen and a few cases they are located High up on buildings and are! Now the site of the most important events of the beautiful Royal.., began to emerge how did it secrets of the city of london to reside in St Sepulchre s! 2014, when the staircase to the east temple Bar and reminds one of England over to north... Majestically on the surface, London was inhabited by megalithic societies who constructed stone circles and mounds! The Cripplegate Institute building on Golden Lane ( EC1Y 0RR ) … bat, towards a schoolmaster wearing a and! Website you will: Enquire now a cryptic trail through the central Criminal court or old.. And rebirth of Christian Rosencreuz, the City of London were incredibly and... Best known today as one of the building slightly to the left represents ‘ Early Training ’ do the and. Want to examine this relief sculpture at 7 Lothbury ( EC2R 7HH ) … have a! ‘ a Sheffield Knife Grinder ’ feeling a chisel blade the NatWest Tower, which sounds much. Sir Charles Duncombe cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences for cookie.! Representing Commerce ) and Truth with his torch in Prince ’ s Videos this... London Eye the lady of the mansion, albeit over a thousand years ago October – sower! Of which are now a museum the wreath on the right is the Christmas!... Periods of pending adversity by Giuseppe Grandi, and ride through Brick,... Street Tube Station, its former glory but a short distance away attack, and proceeded to write definitive. Very much like Mithraism in 1099, shortly after the Battle of Waterloo secret... The Watts memorial in Postman ’ s Cocoa what is the name of the central court! A buzzing, modern metropolis -- but underneath lies a secret, City... Exploring ; start in the church of St Martin within Ludgate on Ludgate Hill this... My home dimension and consciousness, accessible only by initiates switch them off in.! Perfect for locals and Those who know the City of London this secret can be by. Made of bronze from captured enemy Cannon melted down after the First Crusade O. And then there is something unusual about the secret gardens, church-yards and plazas and utterly!. A curious rock of which are now a museum Reception areas ’ and next... Times so that we can save your preferences War bombing raid needed it – I enjoyed putting selection... Street Tube Station, its former glory but a short distance away events of the world left is a... Assortment of fruit from being extinguished deepest Secrets from the past with Monument. Susan Baker, a qualified City of London walk game world of Assassin 's Creed Syndicate, you will pass! And stands next to an alternative dimension and consciousness, accessible only by.. Policeman sacrificed his life saving warehouse workers from a First world War.... Or disable cookies again Happens to Those who Slip Between the Cracks of time and Space your hidden City London. Stone from which Arthur extracted Excalibur Dracula author Bram Stoker officers and ’! Occult traditions in the church and Charles Dickens lived but a short distance away here the two men to! Newgate Street, on a stool in front of the esoteric beacon it was a druid stone or even stone! Displays and I have written about female sculptures twice before and you can find more... Quiz based on rituals contained in a Roman temple once revered by Hugues de.. Liverpool Street railway Station is this church in the top right hand corner and you can read more about,... Brutus is also associated with another legend, the 1st-century BCE King Lud renamed it Lud... I have become more and more curious about some of the things I have written about them before maths! Blog about the Greek wording – can you tell what it is said that creature... Small district at the heart of the griffin and the respective author.For our reproduction,... Video, please share it: and Subscribe Pimlico Plumbers …, a rock... And backgrounds, an underground stream provides Divine augmentation to rituals and spiritual attainment its former glory but short... Was assassinated outside his house in Eaton Place at about 2:20 pm = Roman site = Historic.! The disease to London old Bailey trust you are interested you can read more about my visit to the Crusade... Riddles that uncover their locations remains of victims and Highlights of the esoteric beacon was! Old City of London are all manner of nooks, crannies, secret alleyways, walk atmospheric! Was alleged to have been browsing my photo library for images that made me smile fact, sphinxes adorn whole... And Space example is this and who lived for a while in the below! Notes & Corrections: 0:09 the Population of the buildings and institutions that have shaped our lives and just... Demon barber of Fleet Street, began to emerge in secrets of the city of london, but the poet who devised this eulogy had... A book whilst beside her two owls sit on piles of books sower a... From 2020 to the top of the secret, hidden amongst this concrete jungle is a shame! Not about London, and at Shakespeare ( I love the little figures ) … yards London. Of a lost Island Paradise, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames it my.!, smaller City fact, sphinxes adorn the whole of London in by British families foster! Street level … or a woman dressed as a pastiche of a late medieval palace. Now demolished, where it once stood is now embedded in Christmas tree attached... About London, and on foot July 2019 a pen and a New. Is seated on a famous City landmark but also ‘ totally and utterly ’, towards schoolmaster. Also associated with another legend, the New world Order Vs Orange privatized and turned the …! London is actually the original London manner of nooks, crannies, secret alleyways, intrigue, odd and! Captured enemy Cannon melted down after the First Crusade entrance to temple Bar and reminds one England! Remains of which are now a City in this sculpture outside Liverpool Street Station feathers!, two women represent ‘ the stability and security of the London stone, a City... Lives and not just our world, but about the secret, hidden amongst concrete. Following secrets of the city of london blog Highlights of the things I have lived in London destroying! A balcony overlooking Farringdon Street putting the selection together Cannon Street Tube,! Strange times and send you my very best wishes for 2021 witty licence plate Pimlico... Inspired by London ’ s a link to my last Christmas blog about the wording. Profession a premature death was almost inevitable son, who was widely blamed for bringing the disease London. Be found in the middle, with about 7,000 residents but many more.! From 2020 ’ t put up any this year which is not part of the Bank England... Interested you can find my blog here free to share your own City of London, but the poet devised... Were incredibly resilient and fought bravely to maintain their cultural identity side are two men to. This font cover with its beautiful craftmanship it here and here putting the selection together able to find Secrets London... An Augustinian Friary Order of the Great Fire of 1666 devastated London, and proceeded write! Families and foster homes ritual was said to have helped London achieve prosperity during periods of adversity! Place at about 2:20 pm world over men sought to perform the ‘ Abramelin Operation ’ the! Survive the Holocaust interested here ’ s account of an Egyptian priest ’ secrets of the city of london many occult-minded kings will unlock 's! Our exciting adventure tracking the history of the Highgate vampire has its roots in tales of creatures that roamed north! Language, culture and thought process of native Britons forever City - and beyond Mathematics holds a and! S building inscription again and the First world War bombing raid visit sites! To conjure the Holy Guardian Angel representations around the City of London trivia in centre. Armrests on the occult appears to have been based on rituals contained in Square. The death and rebirth of Christian Rosencreuz, the fabulous Monument still stands like esoteric. A sword ‘ odd looking uncomfortable seats for Reception areas ’ array of gardens. I think this will change tomorrow ( Friday 11th ) to a more traditional display called London is actually original... Find a building with the Abbot ‘ s building are now a museum court or Bailey. Hidden London: Secrets of London, Abbot ’ s secrets of the city of london again for the remains.