I have a huge problem… I have a love/hate relationship with EYK (Eat Your Kimchi), I remember when they put out respectful yet funny and informative videos; now all … Now that’s fucking up, and harsh. We can't do a LiveChat this week because Martina's friend is flying in to Korea, so we're filming this in advance as we scramble to get things ready. Simon and Martina talk about the traumatizing hate they got for their Kpop Youtube videos In one of the latest episodes of their podcast, Simon and Martina talk about the hate they used to get when they made videos about kpop and how their lives have become a lot less stressful since becoming food vloggers in Japan. I LOVED Simon and Martina Too bad they moved to Japan #2 Belgian_ELF, May 12, 2017. jytjuyikhujo, chekas1292 and may1889 like this. We film adventure and food videos as we live our life in Korea, Japan, and around the world. Simon and Martina didn’t need the money to “make better videos”, or hell, even to “build a studio”. Martina's struggles are as legitimate as Simon's. Don't you hate it when you're in love with someone and it rains, and your umbrella game isn't strong enough to keep both of you loving and dry? 283K likes. The video isn’t even nearly… Simon and Martina take one for the team and test the Halloween-themed Starbucks drinks. katahtattat Star. I mean, one of Simon and Martina’s tags on the video is “Hyuna the stripper”. View the daily YouTube analytics of Simon and Martina and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts. Joined: Mar 5, … What. Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi/Sushi) - Part 2 - Page ... ... Quick links Well, worry no … Simon & Martina. Neither Simon nor Martina is good or bad. It was for a business visa. noonaneomuhomo: So starting off, I was already not having it since I was alerted by my sister and people on Tumblr about the many problematic aspects of the video. In relationships, sometimes it happens that one person bears more weight and sometimes its vice versa. As for Simon and Martina: leaving gaps in their narrative, and then criticising/ignoring those who … Simon and Martina, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. i didn’t even know about the all expenses paid european tour. Fanatics are more likely to believe that their favourite YouTubers can do no wrong, and work hard to justify any questionable behaviour (which is the case on reddit). the idea that simon and martina have been compensated for everything after moving is crazy. i should hope that when they do close the studio they find a way to give most of that deposit money in some form the their remaining fans. Observing that Simon is fatigued and frustrated, does not mean that Martina is automatically cast as the bad one and Simon a saint. For certain visa’s in Korea (Like business and university visas) you have to prove a certain amount of money that is collectively sitting around somewhere. We’ve got a special Witches’ Brew Starbucks drink but though it looks funky, I don’t need the calories or the expense so they’ll be the ones to give the vicarious thrill.