Given that both of these rounds can be used for long range purposes and are extremely popular hunting cartridges, the ballistic coefficient is most certainly relevant to this article. All you have is a sharp quartering-away shot and about two seconds before he disappears. Best 30-06 Ammo Comparison Sellier & Bellot 30-06 180 Gr SP VS Sellier & Bellot 300 win mag 180 Gr SPCE Even though there are 40+ years between development of the two cartridges, they share a lot in common when used for hunting in modern times. The '06 being easier to find ammo for nearly everywhere. The über-popular belted magnums can all trace their ancestry to this wonderful hunting cartridge. I do not intend to make this a fair fight and I want every advantage. A cambio es un 20% más largo. The 250-grain bullet has a muzzle velocity that is very close to the 225-grain from the .338 Win. 2 shots 338Mag Swift A-Frame 125yds, 4 shots 338Mag Swift A Frame 370yds , my son 30'06 180gr FailSafe 1 shot 160yds.I think as usual shot placement trumps most other factors. The .30-06 Springfield was almost always the go-to for big game hunting for a long time. Its been awhile since i have worked this hard for an animal. The 270 vs 30-06 debate has gone on for about as long as the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield have existed. Best cartridges for elk include:.300 and 7mm Magnums.30-06.45-70.338 Magnums; Regardless of cartridge, optimizing the bullet weight and bullet type is exceptionally important. By Bryce M. Towsley, and Jim Zumbo. The hunt would take place in Labrador. the success was so rewarding especially doing it with a gun my papa gave me when he passed away. We have zero experience with elk hunting. The deal was if the elk fell 1 foot across the line you had to let it lie there and rot. The Big GuysAnything the “other” .300 magnums can do, the .300 Remington Ultra Mag. Shop for Low Price Best 30 06 Rifle For Elk Hunting And Best 308 Round For 16 5 Scout Rifle . But there is only one degree of dead. Max ethical range for .30-06 on elk? Yes, smaller cartridges work, but nobody can argue successfully that they work better, or even as well as, a bigger cartridge. I shot a cow elk at around 80 yards, and when it fell over dead without taking a step I was happy that I chose the .30-06. But the European-born .375 H&H is the mother of a huge family of big cartridges, too. Jayco . Shaw MK VII, which will shoot sub-MOA groups with Norma factory loads. In my never-humble opinion, elk cartridges start at .30 caliber and this is particularly true with this cartridge case size. is the unsung hero of the Remington Ultra Mag family. You skipped movies, brought your lunch from home, worked overtime, whatever it took. I think these cartridges should be no smaller than .30 caliber and deliver a bullet weighing at least 180 grains to the elk with a minimum of 2,000 ft.-lbs. I did use 180 gr Hornady's Light Magnum loading for all three kills. I’ll confess to a soft spot for .35-caliber rifle cartridges, and this one is a thumper. The bullet must penetrate possible big bone, tuff muscle and still go the distance through the vitals of said bull. Well my uncle called me the other day, it had been a terrible day actually, and invited me on a caribou/ bird/ fishing trip next August. It’s a non-belted magnum that will fit in a .30-06-size action. Thinking that your deer cartridge is big enough might be a mistake. I prefer to prove my shooting abilities at the range and in competition, not when I am hunting. Your 30-06 is fine for elk. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. The .30-06 is a rifle that is known to be one of the most trusted and reliable rifles for the purpose of hunting. 30/06 with 180g Partition, 190g Nosler LRAB with R#26 7 Mag with 175g LRAB with R#26 Elk have got a lot stouter than when I used a 7x57 with 140g Sierra flat base and 7 Mag with 140g Nosler ballistic tips. Ignored and disdained, like ol’ Rodney it “gets no respect.” (Younger guys can Google that reference.) Its been awhile since i have worked this hard for an animal. I have a custom rifle built on a Winchester Model 70 by Mark Bansner that is chambered for the wildcat .358 Winchester Short Magnum. Best Cartridge for Elk The best cartridge for elk involves pushing a medium caliber, medium heavy bullet at a decent velocity. It should be one heck of a big-bore elk gun, and if Africa or Alaska comes knocking with opportunity, I’ll be ready to answer. Here is a quick lesson on how to quick quarter: I like easy shots at elk. Southern Oregon USA. Southern Oregon USA. Hardly. Cow tags = 243 Win with 100g Partitions with IMR 4350, today I would use R26. I really like how a 200-grain bullet performs with the Ultra Mag. They can soak up a lot of misplaced lead and still leave a lot of tracks. Considering that the .30 cal bullet I shoot is a 168grn .308 (when I'm not using a .375 HH), and it had fairly devastating effects under 300 yards at least, I personally wouldn't worry about the effectiveness of a 30'06 with a similar bullet. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Sanidad señala los confinamientos selectivos, o quirúrgicos, como la mejor forma de atajar los brotes que se van detectando en España. Unless it's terribly undersized or oversized, you'll have no issue. The 180 gr bullets in 06 are very good all around loads from deer on up, and are pleasant to shoot. Think for a minute about how foolish that sounds. If you do like being off the beaten track when it comes to cartridges, also consider a 9.3 mm cartridge. If you are using the 165gr because you shoot it better than a 180gr, I would recommend a heavier constructed bullet like the nosler partition, swift a frame, speer grand slam etc. .30-06 for elk...165 gr. Go. There are many degrees of wounded. If you want a bit more speed, consider the new Federal-loaded .370 Sako, which drives the same bullet 200 fps faster. My view, though, is that bullet diameter is a big factor in cartridge performance, and so it’s the larger short magnums that set my heart aflutter. I rather like my 338 Win mag, I don't think it's at all unpleastant to shoot, but some people don't like the recoil. One more thing: The bullet does all the work and it is the most important decision you can make. In my never-humble opinion, elk cartridges start at.30 caliber … The .338 Win. When you have a bull elk in your crosshairs, I’d venture to guess most of us would want to shave as many inches off our shot corrections as possible. Sure, it takes practice. Let’s examine just how much performance you can gain by switching to low-drag hunting bullets. A 30-30 will handle Elk and Blackies, good shot placement is key. Shots that would cause deer or moose to give up and die just aggravate elk. I've seen a lot of elk … But are you telling me you will invest all that money, all that time and all those dreams in an elk hunt and then not practice with your rifle? The .30-06 “Family” The .30-06 is the “mother of all cartridges,” or at least the mother of a big brood, as it has been necked up and down to create cartridges from the .25-06 through the .35 Whelen. I'm in the process of working up a load for my dad for his .30-06. It shoots flatter than a .300 Win. Another way to put the 30-06 Springfield into perspective is to consider the current popularity of the 308 Winchester as a long range hunting rifle. A: Yes, the brass casing of the .30-06 Springfield (2.494″) is the larger than the casing used for the .308 cartridge (2.015″). You must keep that sectional density up there if you want to penetrate elk, and bullet weight is how you do that. The .30-06 “Family”The .30-06 is the “mother of all cartridges,” or at least the mother of a big brood, as it has been necked up and down to create cartridges from the .25-06 through the .35 Whelen. The first three elk I took were in the Blue Mountains in Washington State. With the ability to push a 150-grain bullet to almost 3300 fps, it became one of world’s all-time favorite cartridges for both hunting and sniping. of energy smacking that elk? The .338-06 and the .35 Whelen both will push a 225-grain bullet to 2500-plus fps, and are both excellent elk cartridges for timber hunting. The .308 win and the 30-06 both claim cult-like followings. You have been running on the ragged edge for 10 days with hardly any sleep, climbing those steep mountains every day, giving everything you have and all you can see is your dream slipping away. Thread starter Spiral Horn; Start date Aug 24, 2020; Prev. Short-Action CartridgesThis is one that’s going to get me into trouble, but I really am not a big fan of traditional .308 Winchester-based, short-action cartridges for elk. A new option is the .375 Ruger. Everything from whitetail deer to elk or even bear at a variety of ranges were taken with a rifle chambered in .30-06.. Nowadays, there are many more options, and there’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not the .30-06 is the best round for the big game challenge. A larger cartridge is an insurance policy. If you are tough enough to hunt elk you are tough enough to handle a compensated elk rifle. the success was so rewarding especially doing it with a gun my papa gave me when he passed away. Elk are tough, and nobody with any real experience with them will ever argue that point. It’s the last day and you have yet to see an elk. First off, I know all too well that elk can and have been killed with little cartridges. If you wound a deer he will lie down. This article explores those cartridges that are going to give you an edge in elk hunting, not by being “adequate” but by being down and dirty, serious, no-holds-barred, remove-the-doubt, kill-them-dead elk cartridges. Para … The cartridge uses Hornady’s new propellant technology to produce better ballistics than a .375 H&H, but from a much shorter barrel. pushes a 180-grain bullet. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. I love this gun, and feel comfortable out to about 250 yards with it. Deer, bear, moose, elk: they’ll all go down from a well placed 308 or 30-06. This sycophancy creates a problem for the many truth-seekers out there. My gun safe has several specialty rifles. The question is, for the average case, what is the maximum ethical range of shooting a 180 grain bullet on a medium sized bull elk (say a 5 X 5 bull, hence not a "monster" bull). The .30-06 pushes slightly heavier bullets slightly faster while the .308 is cheaper and lighter weight. I would prefer a marginal cartridge with a superior bullet to a fire-breathing, dragon-slaying magnum cartridge with a poor bullet. Updated: May 10, 2019. Or if you want even more whack, consider my .358 UMT wildcat. Some of the best shooters I know and have been acquainted with always shot just 1 gun. If a 100-pound, 5-foot-tall woman can shoot a full-grown elk gun, you ought to be able to handle a lesser cartridge with a muzzle brake. This sycophancy creates a problem for the many truth-seekers out there. A 30-06 loaded with a 180-grain spitzer boat tail to 2800 feet per second has the minimum energy to kill an elk out to 750 yards, adequate energy to 300 yards, and preferred to 175 yards. of energy. Both are great, but you should hunt with I have a Kimber .30/06 that I used on my elk. My rifle is in an E.R. To mock my least-favorite president, let me be clear: I would hunt elk with a hatchet if the alternative were not hunting elk. Cow tags = 243 Win with 100g Partitions with IMR 4350, today I would use R26. By Joseph von Benedikt. • ¿Está en peligro el calibre .30-06? They both also fall just short of 2,000 ft.-lbs. With a 200-grain bullet the .338 Federal is down to about 1,800 ft.-lbs. Keep in mind, too, that a big bull elk can be five or six times the size of the average whitetail deer. The bullet used in the .30-06 Springfield and in the .308 has the same size diameter (.308). Why risk the outcome of your hunt with a small, possibly inadequate, rifle cartridge? If I were to develop the perfect elk cartridge from scratch, it might well look like this when it was finished. While it’s a bit hard to find a rifle chambered in it, the .358 Norma has become one of my favorite cartridges. 30/06 with 180g Partition, 190g Nosler LRAB with R#26 7 Mag with 175g LRAB with R#26 Elk have got a lot stouter than when I used a 7x57 with 140g Sierra flat base and 7 Mag with 140g Nosler ballistic tips. Besides, while a muzzle brake will not endear you to your guide, it will cut the recoil of an elk rifle by a large margin. Parece ser que por el mismo principio que se prohíbe el 7,62x54R, el .30-06 Springfield está en el punto de mira. Again, at the risk of more hate mail, I think only those with a bullet diameter of .308 or larger qualify for serious elk cartridge status. They’re both great for hunting big game in North America. Federal Fusion 30-06 for Elk. Physiology is also simple: the bigger the hole, the faster the elk dies. But, I would go with the 180gr. Most deer rounds will be fine for Elk. The 12 Best Cartridges for Elk Hunting. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. It is simply the .300 WSM necked up to take a .358-diameter bullet. I thought the topic was..Elk and the 30-06..Not sheds with a .300. First elk hunt, I would use the best and hardest hitting bullet I could get and would hold together. I'm thinking of using a barnes TSX in 180 grain, but that about as far as I have gotten. Mag. Yup, the .270 will kill elk, every Jack O’Connor fan (including me) knows that to be true. But I need to be honest here. 30 06 is an excellent elk round. For most of us, elk hunting is expensive and can be emotionally draining. Another hunter in camp hit his elk with a 7mm magnum when it was standing a good bit farther from the boundary than mine. That’s like saying your Dodge Neon is fine for NASCAR. es el cartucho de mayor venta en nuestro país. It pushes a 250-grain bullet to 3100 fps. El .30-06 Springfield (pronunciado «treinta-cero-seis»), o 7,62 x 63 en el sistema métrico, es un cartucho de fusil que entró en servicio para el Ejército de Estados Unidos en 1906 (de ahí la designación 06). Fue el cartucho estándar para ese país en ambas Guerras Mundiales y en la Guerra de Corea, y se utilizó hasta principios de la década de 1970. Those who don’t are very likely in for even more heartbreak as the wounded bull escapes to a painful, lingering death. Recommended Caliber:.30/06. 30'06 in a good patient hunter's hand should suffice. The harvesting of a bull elk takes a very good bullet to get the job done and the weight of that bullet should not be thought about lightly. Many big game hunters will tell you that this is the kind of rifle you’ll want on hand if you’re out in the field and want to knock down a good-sized deer, elk, or any other big sized game. Just who is telling the truth? It is about time we squashed the beef. The .30-06 Springfield is perhaps a contender, because of all of its versatility, with the .300 Winchester Magnum on the short side of the spectrum as the most versatile cartridge in history for American sport shooters and hunters. The .338 RUM launches a 225-grain bullet with 3060 fps of muzzle velocity and well over 2 tons of energy.I once shot an elk 50 yards from the Yellowstone park border. Let me walk you through a non-biased 308 vs. 30-06 review. Sorteo ONCE - 30/06/20 30 jun 2020. Use para cord to tie quarters to the frame. I think it balances the cartridge and it launches at 3070 fps, which is about 100 fps faster than a .300 Win. But you’d be wrong. This makes the copper really soft due to no work hardening from the drawing process. Surprisingly, it’s still got that magic ton of energy left at 300 yards, proving again that bullet weight is king. Again, I think heavy bullets of at least 180 grains are best. Supposedly, the .30-06 is very versatile because of its bullet selection. 30-06 es aproximadamente un 10% más potente que .308, o más, hasta un 15% con balas pesadas. Mitchell, Moscow Idaho. It’s a bit pokey, with the factory loads pushing a 286-grain bullet at 2360 fps. es el … Proving I am a good shot does not seem like a viable reason to use a marginal cartridge.Of course shot placement is important. for most hunters? Which cartridge would you prefer to shoot? Elk are Class 3 animals and medium bore calibers are probably the best choices for a dedicated elk rifle, but only if the hunter can shoot them well. Cloudflare Ray ID: 607637fafff8d952 I also know there are stories of at least one elephant being killed with a .22 Long Rifle, but no sane person will argue that the .22 LR is an adequate elephant cartridge.