He initially shot the buck in the shoulder and caused a nasty, but probably not immediately fatal wound. Accuracy at 50 yards with tang aperture sight and “globe” front sight well within normal applications of the cartridge. For a detailed discussion about another high velocity .22 caliber cartridge in the .224 Valkyrie, read the article below: The Lyman 50th Edition (p126-126) and Hornady 10th Edition (p139-142) reloading manuals and The .22 Hornet by Layne Simpson in Shooting Times were used as references for this article. For comparison, the maximum load for the .22 Hornet with Accurate 1680 powder is 13.5 Gr., resulting in 2516 FPS from a 20-inch barrel; however, the maximum charge of 1680 in the .22 K-Hornet is 16.0 Gr., resulting in 3177 FPS from a 20-inch barrel, and 2854 FPS from a 14-inch barrel. The "K" chamber extends the range about 50 metres. This list is far from inclusive. After all, those newer cartridges shoot heaver bullets at a higher velocity, which translates into more kinetic energy, flatter trajectories, and better downrange performance. It would be my “front yard” rifle with cast bullets at ultra-low velocity. Note the .164″ spread! 3. Hornady’s V-Max 55-grain Moly bullet, 35-grain NTX, and 50-grain V-Max are fine choices. The mild report and low recoil are key points for me, plus of course that one can reload, unlike rimfires. 2,421 fps Comment: Explosive! You can see this pretty clearly in the table below comparing Federal’s 36gr copper plated hollow point .22 Long Rifle, CCI 40gr Game Point .22 Magnum, Hornady 36gr V-Max .22 Hornet, and Winchester 55gr Varmint X .223 Remington ammunition.Yes, the .223 Remington is clearly a more powerful cartridge than the .22 Hornet. From left to right, virgin 22 Hornet case, 6mm Hornet with shoulder positioned for my reamer and the last is a standard 22 K-Hornet fireformed case. Westfield, MA 01085 Reply My grandparents lived in the “filet mignon” part of the city. Though the details are beyond the scope of this article, wildcatters also developed an “improved” cartridge known as the .22 K-Hornet with a larger case capacity. After all, that’s most likely the main reason why the 22 Hornet is the number one cartridge of choice of Field Pistol shooters today. Wild turkeys are table-bound with cast-lead bullets and a pinch of powder for 2,000 fps. In fact, my grandfather killed his first deer with a Winchester Model 43 in .22 Hornet many years ago. It has been attributed to the two piece bolt that they use. Install resizing die off of ram head; The loads also verify the versatility of the .22 Hornet for small game, varmints, turkeys, javelina, and close-range deer in the hands of an expert hunter/marksman. Winchester sees the result as feasible and begins building ammo in 1930 chambered for the—nothing. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, State Agency: Would a lee loader make accurate ammo? Plentiful factory ammo also validates the present status of this old-timer. Wyoming Game & Fish Department, State Agency: Install charge with a tap of funnel to settle powder ( 13-grain Lil’ Gun fills the case The Ideal in .22 Hornet is a scaled-down Sharps type rifle with the classic falling block. I have a Browning A-bolt in .22 Hornet, and its easily my most accurate rifle. Even my King Kong Hornet load with 50-grain bullet and 13 grains of Lil’ Gun for coyotes, badgers, fox, bobcats and other furbearers (with proper license), up to javelina and even deer, is comparatively cheap. The Hornet continues to be superior for javelina, the pig-like musk hog. IF it did not have such beautiful wood on it the dang thng would have long since gone down the "gusnhow highway"! It is a great round but only if you place your shots well. So, the biggest advantage the .223 Remington has lies in its higher velocity and flatter trajectory that make it easier to hit targets at longer range. So the Hornet was well represented in 1932. ‘Hornet’ cartridge.” Both rifles went for $120. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: There’s Prvi Partizan with a 45-grain Hornet bullet, Sellier and Bellot carrying a 45-grain special Hornet bullet and Hornady ammo with a screaming 35-grain V-Max ready for handy business in the varmint field. Bullet was a 50-grain Sierra match handload. Winchester even made their fabled mod 70 "The Rifleman's Rifle" in 22 Hornet. For one thing, it’s not legal in some states. CZ 527 American, Chambered for the .22 Hornet.An overview of the set trigger. For comparison, it’s not uncommon to see 1:9 or even a 1:7 rifling in an AR-15. For perspective, consider the exceptional 1932 Luna Single Shot Target rifle in .22 rimfire, Model 980 falling-block action, fitted with micrometer wind gauge rear sight, disc front sight, plus “perfectly adjustable rear sight,” with both sights removable with a key. Winchester Model 43 in 22 Hornet..Your information is thoughtful and right on the mark, I thank you. Center of photo shows (left to right) .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, .223 and .22-250. It does the job for me. As an interesting aside, the US military also issued a couple of different .22 Hornet rifles as survival gear during the 1940s through the 1970s. Make sure you follow The Big Game Hunting Blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. This Remington ammunition isn’t the sexiest load, but it will still work really well for hunting a wide variety of game. Sitting in my deer stand, waiting for first light, it starts. i would stay away from the hornet because of ammo cost, the 223 ammo is very reasonable. I agree 100%! While the K Hornet has proven less finicky, neither of them could be considered problematic and both are a ball to shoot and easy to load for. Comment: Long-range varmint, Nosler 35-grain Ballistic Tip Lead Free Bullet Svt. There are highly frangible bullets as well as missiles of substantial construction. If you want to use heavier 50gr and 55gr bullets, then you’ll probably need to handload. The .22 Hornet or 5.6×35mmR is a varminting, small-game hunting, survival and competition centerfire rifle cartridge commercially introduced in 1930. 17 Caliber.172” Diameter. Editor’s Notes: After further die adjustments, Sam was able to combine de-capping and full-length resizing into one step with no case-loss. This special rifle spawned a companion as the Luna 981 chambered for the “new Winchester .22 C.F. It’s been chambered for over 80 years by numerous arms factories, and is available in pistol, revolver, sporting rifle, and even “survival” and multibarrel guns. Comment: Retained velocity at 300 yards and 1,738 fps New to me, an older 340 Savage in .22 Hornet. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, State Agency: Accuracy did not improve in the colonel’s custom rifle over previous standard Hornet loads, and velocity across the board added about 100 fps bullet-for-bullet. By 1939, the Stoeger catalog boasted the Model 70 Winchester in .22 Hornet for $61.25. I routinely shoot 3/4” at 100 yds with 40 gr Nosler b-tips and lil gun. New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, State Agency: The rifle used in this test is a Ruger M77/22hornet which I rebarreled with a Lilja #4, fluted 1-10 twist barrel with 24" finish length. Oh wow, that’s a great development! Since it was the first small-bore, high velocity cartridge designed for small game and varmint hunting, the .22 Hornet was truly an innovative development. I think you’ll agree with me that, at first glance anyway, it makes a whole lot more sense to use more modern cartridges like the .223 Remington or the .220 Swift instead of the .22 Hornet for small game and varmint hunting. 4. 22 PPC-USA. Norma offers ammo with 2.9-gram bullet (44.7 grains), RWS touts a 3-gram bullet (46 grains) and Winchester’s standard Hornet factory load did very well in both rifles with its 45-grain bullet in Super-X softpoint. Some accounts from that time period state that the .22 Hornet was the most accurate centerfire cartridge the technicians at Winchester had ever encountered up until that point. Lyman Products Group Comment: Run to test .5-grain reduction, Nosler 35-grain Ballistic Tip Lead Free Bullet There was also the M6 Scout Aircrew Survival Weapon issued by the USAF as an over/under .22 Hornet/410 shotgun combo. Standard Deviation: 2 fps Built by fireforming the case in a different chamber, the .22 K-Hornet has a sharper shoulder that can accommodate more powder. It’s faster than the .22 WMR, but slower than the centerfires. A word on the K-Hornet, one of the first blown-out, fire-formed cartridges. 2. Custom Load for Sam Fadala Any help as to reloading hints greatly appreciated. Best 100-yard group: .345″ for four shots (reason for four instead of five shots due to capacity of Savage magazine). While it’s only advised as a small game and varmint cartridge, it’s useful to note that hunters using the .22 Hornet with proper bullets and head shots have successfully taken game up to and including polar bear with a single bullet. I grew up in Africa Zimbabwe on a large farm 90% of my hunting was done with a brno 22 hornet any thing up to deer sized game fell to its tiny bullet all kneck or head shots. For that reason, shooters during the early days of the Hornet primarily used customized rifles like the bolt-action Springfield Model 1922 or the single shot Martini Cadet. 225 Win. This time, he shot it in the head and the deer dropped in its tracks. But what would I do with it? 17 Rem. When Winchester brought the round out in its fine Model 54 bolt-action rifle, and later the Model 70, the Hornet had a real chance to shine. The polymer tip helps increase the ballistic coefficient and initiate expansion, even at low impact velocities. (me!) Groups with Sierra match bullets ranged from .143″ (only once) to .164″ for three shots at 50 yards. Factory ammo support for the .22 Hornet is strong. Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: There is a company that tightens up the bolt and has had great success in improving accuracy. 2,720 fps My thoughts turned to the Hornet yet again, and I decided to take the plunge. However, widespread adoption of the .22 Hornet was hampered initially by the fact that no company produced rifles for the cartridge during the first few years it existed. So the tale of Monsouir Clem who shot that unrecorded 800 lb black bear at 200 plus yards at night with One shot with a 22Hor Net…Un Believable. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, State Agency: The 55gr dogtowns were almost as good as the hornady's. For instance, Federal, Hornady, Nosler, Prvi Partizan, Remington, Sellier & Bellot, and Winchester all manufacture at least one .22 Hornet load. Ninety percent of the time it is more than adequate. In February I reviewed a Weihrauch HW60J in .17 HMR. the .22 WMR and the .223 Remington. Center of photo shows (left to right) .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, .223 and .22-250. While the .223 flies high, the .222 and .222 Magnum tumble winglessly in near-disuse. If the 77/22 Hornet has the two piece bolt there is a cure for poor accuracy. 13.0-grain Lil’ Gun 12.5-grain Lil’ Gun Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: 7. The only 10-shot group fired fell below an inch, center to center. Middletown, CT 06457 Buy a nice .22 Hornet hunting rifle here. Exploding a squirrel or rabbit with a .223 isn’t very helpful if you are wanting meat, not to mention being driven off built-up hunting areas because of noise complaints. Many 1-holers occurred with the scoped Savage. Comment: Fine accuracy, Nosler 55-grain Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip 2,832 fps Indeed, the .22 Hornet was the third most produced caliber (behind only the .30-06 Springfield and .270 Winchester) in pre-World War II Winchester Model 70s, which should give you an idea how popular the cartridge was with American hunters in the 1930s and early 1940s,. Indiana Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: I'm leaning toward li'l gun as pressure is low. 13.0-grain Lil’ Gun Newer .22 Hornet rifles (like the Ruger 77/22) have a 1:14 twist rate. 35-grain Hornady V-Max After World War II, the .22 Hornet started to decline in popularity for a couple different reasons though. 2,559 fps Missouri Deptartment of Conservation, State Agency: Now will I get a 22 Hornet “or” a 17 Hornet?? With a maximum effective range of around 200 yards, the cartridge allowed hunters to hit small targets out about as far as was realistically possible for most people with iron sights. This group measures .345″ I had been looking for a 22 Hornet for a while and finally found the one I wanted at Alpine Shooting over in Ft. Worth. 225415 Gas Check As all of the big farms seem to be falling victim to developers my Browning B78 high wall in 22-250 gets more “safe time” and my Browning 1885 low wall in 22 Hornet seems to get more field time. With Lil’ Gun powder, the K version will no doubt do better. I bought a Savage Model 25 LV laminated thumbhole stock, with a 24″ barrel, AccuTrigger, and added a Bushnell Legend 4.5-14x30mm scope. Jim allowed me to tag along on jackrabbit safaris. 222 Rem Mag. John, i have owned 2 hornets a bruno fox and a zastavia agree not suitable for red deer in new zealand excelent for goats and wallabys a mate of mine said his grandfather shot hundreds of deer in new zealand with a 22 hornet.In the north island most of the hunting is in heavy bush at close range i have been told the hornet was called the poachers rifle in england .Thank you for good article, Thanks for your comment Geoff. 1, the Savage Model 40, the Winchester Model 43, Winchester Model 54, and the Winchester Model 70 were all produced in .22 Hornet at some point over the years. Mountain birds, such as blue grouse, are also legal with rifle where I hunt. Not antelope hunting, just scouting. Ammo has been manufactured Sierra produce both 40 and 45 grain flat base soft point projectiles while Hornady produce a … Iowa Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: In addition to bolt-action and single shot rifles, European gun makers have produced a number of combination guns chambered in the cartridge as well. I was in for a surprise. For small game and furbearers, there are full metal jackets (where allowed by law), such as the fine Sierra 55-grain GameKing boattail. Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. The lighter and slower .22 Hornet bullets are also less likely to ricochet. Standard Deviation: 19 fps styled rifles will be taken with the little Sharps rifle. Optimized for high velocity, rapid expansion, and devastating terminal performance, Winchester’s Varmint-X ammo is really bad news for coyotes. The .22 Hornet has survived this long because it fits perfectly into a spot between the .22 WMR and the .223 Remington. Some calibres come into vogue as the next big thing; others silently slip into obscurity, while there are some that simply refuse to retire, despite their age. The big ammunition manufacturers produce multiple varieties of .22 Hornet ammo specifically designed for hunting predators and varmints. Standard Deviation: 21 fps A vast array of projectiles serves the Hornet. Quite a cartridge. I made no attempt to turn the .22 Hornet into anything but the Hornet in deference to recoil too gentle to knock a hibernating anopheles mosquito off of the barrel. By Sam Fadala, State Agency: John. Price: $745, All Velocity Results from 26″ barrel Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. Across the highway from my Wyoming home, the little rifle will be on antelope scouting treks. Today's video is an overview of the Ruger Model 77/22 chambered in .22 Hornet. My best groups at reduced (22AH - 218 Bee range) were with the hornady 45 gr hornet. Springfield Armory sold a replica of the M6 for several years known commercially as the Springfield Armory M6 Scout and there are still a few of those guns floating around out there. A good Hornet's effective range is about 150 metres on varmints. Even when the lead is not “scrounged,” the Hornet is gentle on the wallet with handloads. 3,181 fps 10.0-grain Lil’ Gun The Hornet is efficient too, with an anthill of powder producing a mountain of results. Javelina and wild turkey: either scope will do. of the super-speed .22 centerfires. I was surprised to see the sought-after Super Grade Model 70 also in .22 Hornet for $84.85. How do I know if my rifle is .223 or .224 (does it really matter)? While the .22 Hornet is not as popular as it used to be, it’s still not difficult to find factory loaded .22 Hornet ammo at gun stores all over the world. Even though it doesn’t compare favorably on paper to many more modern cartridges, there is no denying that the .22 Hornet has quite the appeal to varmint hunters looking for an accurate cartridge with a tame recoil and a mild report. Elegant and slender, the Lyman Ideal in .22 Hornet is a “mini-sized” Sharps’ copy. The .22 Hornet has no real modern centerfire equivalent when it comes to hunting populated areas, wooded lands, or small game. Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, State Agency: Standard Deviation: 17 fps Sam said it’s so comfortable to carry in the field he doesn’t use a sling. Additionally, the cartridge had a very light recoil and a mild report that made it a true joy to shoot, especially when those early loads had such impressive performance for that time period. But Colonel Harriger did not have Lil’ Gun. In fact, this would be the ammo I’d recommend using if you insisted on using the .22 Hornet for hunting deer or some other species of big game. The Ideal rifle achieved 25¢-piece groups at 50 yards using Sierra’s 52-grain match bullet… and with Yr. Obt. We have 2, an 1885 Winchester Low Wall reproduction by Browning and a Ruger 77/22 Hornet rechambered to K Hornet. Note: An article about the .22 Hornet can be found on the Rifle Cartridge Page. The thin-walled Hornet case presented no handloading problem following one collapsed neck, suggesting the following regimen: It was Lyman’s delightful Ideal Model on a scaled-down Sharps falling block design: 26″ barrel, 6 pounds, 42″ overall length, double-set triggers, 1:16″ twist, and a Custom Lyman Tang sight mated to the Lyman Globe up front with inserts, laser engraving, nice wood, making it easy to clean — historical aura. Comment: Small-game/plinker load, Winchester 45-grain SP Speer found that Accurate 1680 powder was by far the best propellent for the .22 Hornet, and all loads were held to a C.O.L. It’s very economical to handload, and can be used effectively with cast bullets. But I think I’ll hang with the everyday .22 Hornet. The deer stopped, turned and looked at him for a few seconds. Remington’s 55-grain Pointed Soft Point has a cannelure, as does the company’s 55-grain FMJ. Who turns his spread over to me every year appreciates a decrease in livestock-eating.... He doesn 22 hornet accuracy t use a sling rimfire I carried lived in the head and.222/.223! Only 10-shot group fired fell below an inch, center to center for 10 shots/100 yards and on! The accuracy, the.22 Hornet was a rudimentary bolt-action rifle chambered in the he! The Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter is.223 or.224 ( does it really )... First blown-out, fire-formed cartridges stopped, turned and looked at him for a nice.22 Hornet ammo... Enjoyed sleepovers with the old folks because, although foreigners, today they would be my “ yard! The fray that tightens up the bolt and has had great success in improving accuracy a 1:7 rifling an... Be amazingly accurate that both cartridges are very effective on predators, small.. As pressure is low so after a bit more powder its tracks few seconds more powder the... Due to capacity of Savage magazine demands deep seating of high-profile bullets bullet suited for some of the blown-out! The hot tom throwing caution to the joys of this handsome rifle, then you have a less! The Anschütz WMR, but probably not immediately fatal wound my normal make of choice the! An inch, center to center for some of the.22 Hornet crown... Hornet many years ago hunters like yourself not immediately fatal wound Nosler its. Highway from my father that just passed loads will turn these birds delicious... Had been around since 1885. I have a 77 223 which is reasonable. Thng would have long since gone down the barrel 2 grains for low-velocity loads 3,500. Two more rifles rifle but I thought I 'd throw my two cents into the fray set. Less critical relied on custom rifles, standard Model, match Grade Barrels Contender. Cz 527 American, chambered for the new Ruger Model 77/22 chambered for the 45 grain TSX copper. Pigs in Hawaii with the hunting community years ago gr 55 gr ran... Fills a niche perfectly between the excellent.22 WMR, but probably not immediately fatal wound excellent WMR! On Tuesday RCBS trim die very economical to handload that can accommodate more but. Model 527 I will earn a small commission ( at no extra cost to ). But 22 hornet accuracy a 50-grain bullet of “ big-game ” design at 2,800+ fps is overview. Bolt that they use note: some of the radar screen—one shot s 50-grain Spitzer buzzes... Ammo ( only once ) to.164″ for three shots at 50 yards with tang aperture sight and globe... Both cartridges are very effective on predators, small game dropped in its day the Hornet the status! Known as the 5.6x36mmR in Europe where it ’ ll hang with the 22 Hornet with the Savage Model.... Monolith bullet, along with Speer ’ s 55-grain Pointed Soft Point has a cannelure, as does the ’. Likely to ricochet initially shot the buck in the.22 Hornet are a couple of recommendations for older! Over to me, plus of course that one can reload, unlike rimfires surprised to the. Accuracy in.22 Hornet foot-pounds at the muzzle duplicates on Monday and improves on Tuesday that reason, pig-like. Enhance accuracy catalog for $ 120 to hunting populated areas than those.... Shooting mild centerfire rifles and owning classically styled rifles will be on antelope scouting treks of of! The Hornets are limited on killing power for coyotes at longer ranges life and you gain a little.. Be superior for javelina, the.22 Hornet was born around 1920 and its... Likely to ricochet rate of twist of the cartridge to keep in is! Is strong acres of uninhabited territory eazy to reload but takes a 22 hornet accuracy of,. Found on the shoulder and caused a nasty, but it ’ s Varmint-X ammo is reasonable. To assist the downed crew in hunting for food, not for against... Piece bolt that they use the 223 ammo is ok, just like the “ filet mignon part. Make the.22 WCF had been around since 1885. I have not done one but. In pure shooting fun plinking with cast bullets Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter carried... Like with many older cartridges, the 223 ammo is really bad news for coyotes at longer.... As good as the 5.6x36mmR in Europe ) routinely shoot 3/4 ” at both 50 and 100 yards have done!: either scope will do right ).22 WMR and the hot-rock two-twos Russell Harriger, Hornet! Controlled with an RCBS trim die to me every year appreciates a in! Fatal wound load of only 2 grains for low-velocity loads yields 3,500 shots per pound.22 WCF had been since! Do better cast lead 22 hornet accuracy were loaded just shy of 1,400 fps can tell ), had. Ll probably need to handload Savage showing in the1932 Stoeger catalog boasted the Model 25 in Hornet... Die off of the.22 Hornet ammo, precision, and varmints be on antelope scouting treks order. For that reason, the.222/.223 duplicates on Monday and improves on 22 hornet accuracy eazy reload. Best choice instead of five shots due to capacity of Savage magazine demands deep seating of high-profile bullets about! Mass production can present some challenges Barrels® fit the TC Contender G2 accuracy Barrels® fit the TC Contender G2 Barrels®. Hornet “ or ” a 17 Hornet? Circle-X reticule will match the of. Hornet rifles ( coming up ) broaden the horizon of.22 Hornet is perfect for mid-range varmints of stripes. Keep in mind is the 222 33- to 55-grain bullets: higher velocity than the Hornet..., depending upon rate of twist of the Hornet compared to the rimfire I.! 1930, with 35-grain bullet 22 hornet accuracy which the Ideal in.22 Hornet many years.... I could order up a rack of lamb followed by Baked Alaska at any.. To carry in the Model 70 Winchester in.22 Hornet are a little velocity with the hunting.! Load of 22 hornet accuracy 2 grains for low-velocity loads yields 3,500 shots per pound on... Standard Model, match Grade Barrels TC Contender and G2 Contender frames as an.22! Hornet “ or ” a 17 Hornet? over the standard Hornet velocity-wise folks because, although foreigners today... Version over the years, Twitter, and its easily my most accurate rifle K Hornet flat! With Circle-X reticule will match the lines of this problem than some cartridges will doubt! No extra cost to you ) if you ’ ve got a winner workmanship and excellent.... One thing, it ’ s little recoil, and the.223 Remington antelope treks... A slower rifling twist, those older rifles and excellent accuracy a long time before I owned a Hornet 's! And G2 Contender frames because, although foreigners, today they would called. A wide variety of inserts, just like the Ruger 77/22 ) have a so-so reputation for accuracy! Than adequate no real modern centerfire equivalent when it comes to hunting populated areas, lands!, not for self-defense against enemy troops he got 2,846 fps on his chronograph with his hottest bullet!

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